Wednesday, September 2, 2009

[TRANS] 090901 TVXQ "Wishes For All 5 Members To Attend The End-of-year Music Programmes"

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The male group TVXQ has no intention to disband despite the fact that some of their members are in a dispute with their management company. This was reported in the Japanese paper Goodday Sports on the 31st August, when they had an interview with TVXQ after their participation in the "a-nation" concert in Osaka.

During the interview, the leader U-know Yunho expressed his wish that "all 5 members can attend the end of the year music programmes", and there were no signs of any intention to disband. The report said that "TVXQ promised to return with all 5 members, and Xiah Junsu said 'Following this all 5 members will continue to do activities together, and we want to grow with our fans'; and rejected the rumours of disbandment.

Hero Jaejoong, expressed through the interview that he wished to "quickly participate in next year's a-nation and wanted to show everyone the image of all 5 members on stage having the best time", and Micky Yoochun said that "in future, we wish to perform more songs for everyone". These statements were noticed in particular as both members are involved in the dispute with the company.

Although they are currently in a dispute with their company, TVXQ's Japanese activities are still being continued. They participated in the a-nation concerts that were organised by their Japanese management company. Hero Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun will be releasing a new single on the 30th of this month, as the duet 'JEJUNG & YUCHUN". Besides this, TVXQ returned to Korea on the morning of 31st August, and they have no schedules planned in the near future. However, their concert in Shanghai, China, to be held on 2nd October, will carry on as promised previously.

Source: [Star News + Newsen + 銘記]
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