Tuesday, September 1, 2009

[TRANS] 090830 a-nation OSAKA 2nd Day: Backstage Observation Report & Ayu Male Fan Comment

a-nation Osaka TVXQ backstage observation.
We were at the seats where the backstage was seen. ^^

When Glove was singing, TVXQ was walking toward the stage.
As soon as we saw them, some of us screamed, and right away, Yuchun and Jejung waved at us.
We went nuts! :D

The way Yuchun waved was different from Jejung; Yuchun's wave was kind of like bowing at us,
raising both arms up and down, which made all of us who watched him laugh. ^^

Junsu dance-walked, moving his body and matching to the Glove music, towards the stage.
Very cute and cool!

Yunho and Changmin observed Junsu, and calmly walked towards the stage,
which made us fans grin as we could observe their unique characters in such a valuable moment. ;)
Lucky us!!

We heard the rumor that Yunho had hurt his leg while shooting for his new drama.
That make sense as Yunho did not do a flip during the first day in Osaka,
but during the second day, he did it, so we believe his legs are getting better. ^^

Ayu male fan's comment at a-nation Osaka 09:

This year at a-nation Osaka, what was surprising was definitely TVXQ. First of all, they performed after Kumi Koda. Does that mean that they are more popular than Kumi now?

Last year, I didn't really notice them, but this year, there was a huge difference in atmosphere. It seemed that the whole place was filled with TVXQ fans, and right before they showed up, we had to cover our ears because the cheers were incredibly loud.

We could not hear anything but the cheer of the fans. Both my friend and I were amazed of the heat the whole TVXQ fans brought to the place and made us worry if Ayu would have as good a response as TVXQ.

But we did not have to worry since these TVXQ fans cheered for our Ayu at the final of the concert. They brought good energy to the a-nation which we were happy about.

Source: Mai, Akira, tvxqlove, Yoosu, sholonpo
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