Friday, September 25, 2009

[NEWS] 3rd Talk on Super Junior

Our Affiliate, Favourite , has asked us to expand this post to you guys. SJ-M fans need to be informed of this! We've posted the 3rd part and the 1st & 2nd parts will be available as well. Here's what our Affiliates have to say:

This is the 3rd part
1st part here
2nd part here

I would like to talk about Henry and Zhou Mi this time. I bet, there still some of the ELFes that still doesn’t know who are Henry and Zhou Mi.

They’re part of SJM. Regarding the news on the fans don’t want them,, I hope ELF will reconsider this.

They also a part of Super Junior. Even the leader Lee Teuk once said that. He get rid the word “protect the 13” and replace with ‘protect Super Junior‘

Does you really understand this?

He want us to protect Zhou Mi and Henry too.

Before this, I also don’t like them. But, thinking about their feeling -how will you feel if a lot of people don’t want you- they got my pity on them.

So, please support them too.

They have their own talent -Henry have good violin skill and great voice of Zhou Mi-.

Please stop hurting their feelings.

Let’s Us Show Our Full Support To Zhou Mi and Henry!!


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