Wednesday, September 2, 2009

[Trans] 090901 Behind-the-scenes THSK Nikkan Sports Interview

It was 2 hours before their actual performance on stage that I had such an amazing time. Jaejoong smiled when he welcomed me, "It has been a long time~!" In reality, I once interviewed them in July but during that time, I felt as if they appeared very tired... But this time, although it is also before a public performance, they seem to be in high spirits.

During the interview, Yunho and Jaejoong talked a lot. We chatted for about 20 minutes and I really heard them talk from their heart, especially Yunho. On the first day, in their resting room, Yunho seemed to have difficulties walking, I thought that he might have hurt his leg. Indeed, his right thigh was injured and persevered onto stage after getting an injection. He smiled at me, saying, "But, as compared to yesterday, I feel much better today, it's okay~" Also during the interview, he was very leader-ish and controlled the balance of all the members. Jaejoong was especially happy and continued smiling and chatting with us attentively. When he talked about his own charm, which was "the smile..", the other 4 members made funny expressions while looking at his face and that left a deep impression on me. Changmin looks like a very matured adult, and gave off a cool feel but when the other members start talking, he also listens on happily. He said his own charm was "sweat", and that left me quite surprised but straightforward people, no matter what they do are always appropriate. For Junsu, I also felt that he seems to be more matured by a slight bit but during the interview, from the middle onwards, he started to get quite noisy. When the interview ended, other than taking a group photo of the five of them, we also specially had a shoot for both Yoochun and Jaejoong for their new single that will be released in September.

When we were shooting the two, their poses were very close, and it looked as if they have a very good relationship. What did Yoochun say? Ah, he seemed to have said that he was "(T/N: It translates to Beat Nick Play but I don't know what it is. Sorrry!)" Then~ he has to say something interesting and it must also make everyone laugh. Before the actual performance on stage, he seemed very relaxed... really makes one jealous. and also, when Jaejoong was saying, "We want to show a new side of us...", Yoochun had to interject with, "Side? Noodles? What's the most important thing of noodles is that they must have elasticity~" (T/N: The first syllable of Noodles is the same as the word, side) and made everyone laugh.

Then, he would make eye contacts with the others and enlarge his eyes before making many weird expressions to entertain the audience. Then, they went on stage and gave everyone a high standard performance. Dancing and singing, everything was amazing. Their strong existence and group spirit is indeed, the most exciting point.

In that moment, 50, 000 people were being brought into the "World of THSK". During a-nation last year, Jaejoong said, "I had to keep searching for THSK towel." but this year, even if you don't try to find it, all you can say in front of you is THSK's green towels. With unlimited emotions, Jaejoong said, "We saw a lot! This year is really the best!"

In Japan, they have not debuted for more than 5 years but in a blink of an eye, they have already become one of the best artistes in Japan. They will continue moving forward as if they were soaring and who knows where they will reach in the future? Nikkan Sports, from now onwards, will continue giving up-to-date reports of the five of them.

Please look forward to them.

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