Wednesday, September 9, 2009

[Trans] 090908 Letter From Jung Yunho On The HTTG Homepage

Hello! This is Jung Yunho who plays the role of Cha Bong-goon.

Hello viewers.
For the first time, I, Jung Yunho, am greeting you for the first time as an actor in this viewer’s opinion board.

It is finally the start.
I will be meeting all of you as the main character Cha Bong-goon of ‘Heading to the Ground’,
I have become very attached to Bong-goon as we share similar personality traits,
and I want to mature along with him in the drama.
Even if I am lacking, please keep watching me with loving attention.

To all the staff who take care of me,
and the senior actors who have given me many lessons and advice on acting.
Their sincerity and each warm word of encouragement they give me makes me stronger and happier.
Although I did not have long to prepare for this role, I believe that I worked as hard as I could in the given time,
and even though viewers might not be able to feel that I have done so,
I will work hard as Actor Jung Yunho and show everyone my growth as an actor every episode as this is my first step into acting.

Tomorrow, our first episode will be aired.
Even I am nervously waiting for the first episode to be aired
and I am really interested in your (the viewer’s) reactions to it.

I will strive to be an actor who always works hard and always tries his best.
Please keep a look out for Cha Bong-goon’s growth in ‘Heading to the Ground’ with your support and attention!!!

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