Tuesday, September 1, 2009

[TRANS] 090831 'Heading to the Ground' Jung Yunho's Soccer Filming, 4000 Fans Come To Watch

Jung Yunho participated in the filming of MBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Heading to the Ground' that occurred at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 31st. The scene that was being filmed was of Cha Bong-goon's first match as part of the soccer team 'FC Soul'.

'Heading to the Ground''s staff made an official statement through the drama's homepage that the filming that would begin at 7:30 pm on the 31st would be an open filming. As a result, fans of Jung Yunho were filling the stadium from before 6 o'clock in the evening.

By 8:00pm, around 4000 fans had filled the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Even before filming began, the fans chanted Jung Yunho's character's name "Cha Bong-goon! Cha Bong-goon!" as they eagerly awaited his entrance.

At 8:30pm when Jung Yunho entered the stadium, all 4000 fans began to scream.

In the middle of the field, Jung Yunho smiled and said, "Thank you for coming to support us. Each one of you has now become a part of 'Heading to the Ground.' I hope we will all be able to cooperate well."

The staff said to the fans, "This is Cha Bong-goon's debut as a soccer player in this group. We see that some of the fans have come with placards that say 'Cha Bong-goon' on them but we cannot have that seen in our drama. Please put away the placards."

One staff member of 'Heading to the Ground' met with a reporter and said, "Of course we did announce this event, but we did not expect so many people to show up. We were very surprised. Thanks to Jung Yunho's fans, the filming went very smoothly today."

'Heading to the Ground', which will begin showing after 'Hon' finishes this September, features Jung Yunho, Ara, Lee Sangyoon and Lee Yunji and is about the love story between Cha Bong-goon, a nobody who lives passionately, and Kang Haebin, a rookie agent who has everything she wants but wants to succeed on her own.

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