Sunday, November 8, 2009

[Video] Pre-Debut Jaejoong with His Ex-Girlfriend in Street Interview

i know it's old,,but just found it today..
and she is jaejoong's ex??
cannot see jae's arm on her shoulder T_____T
*she's his ex echooonnkkkzz!!*

Translation courtesy of lil_koreangurl @ LJ:
--- The question they're asking is "The thing you want to do most when you become a university student?" Most ppl are answering, get a bf, go on trips with bf, one guy said go to the army lol...the girl with jaejoong says she wants to be able to go around at night and go clubbing..if her mom sees this she's dead lol..jaejoong wants to go to nights which is basically nightclub...and play? i can't really find an exact term to describe it but he wants to do stuff he can't now cuz he's young..and then they tell him it looks like he's already doing that..and he says he doesn't lol..i was really surprised his voice sounds exactly the same..hehe this was cute =)
Credits: xxtranscendence@yt
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