Sunday, November 15, 2009

[NEWS] 091114 Avex: "No Change In Japan with TVXQ's Activities"

In Korea, the media reports their viewpoint that five members of TVXQ
to perform together in year 2009 will be difficult.
They also report that TVXQ's future activities in Korea in early 2010 to be unclear.
TVXQ's Concert in China which was planned on November 21st, 2009 has been canceled.

However, in Japan, it is decided and reported that,

"TVXQ will release their new song, "BREAK OUT!" in new year 2010."

And also,

"TVXQ's fan meeting performances have been confirmed" as well.

Avex has reported that,

"There is no change in plan with TVXQ's activities in Japan".

T/N: Meaning that all the activities planned in Japan WILL happen.
No change at all in Japan!
All five of them will release the new song, "Break Out!" together,
and five members will perform at the fan club event together next year.
And they will soon fly to Japan together to do their end of the year activities.

Earlier, Daily Sports News wrote that "Avex confirmed TVXQ's end of the year activities in Japan" so we will be seeing the boys again soon!

Credits: Nikkan Sports News+ Asahi News
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