Tuesday, November 3, 2009

[Trans] Fans Speak Out (Japan)

taken from baidu

Some fan remarks from various sites (all names kept anonymous):

"What HoMin wrote might not be what they really mean...
Ah, it really might not be...
The other three must be feeling very upset...
Who's to say something didn't happen...
I feel so lonely and hurt
The more I know, the more polluted my love for you is
I won't search or read anymore of this."

Someone else said: "What is this??? What about us fans???"

Those who saw SME's statement: "Next year spring? Does it mean that the comeback, one that Korean fans have waited so long for... if the three members choose to not come back, will become nothing? So are they using HoMin's name as a threat for the other three?"

Next person: "It seems like... the 2 members who stayed with SME are the right ones... but because they have stayed at SME, what if they were not allowed to disagree with the company... but...if the two are saying this, then does that mean that compromise is impossible?"

Another person: "What is this, a fight? Touching on this matter (the cosmetic business), isn't it becoming too out of hand? Our Yunho .. really ! That's why we need to make sure if he really wrote it. I'm getting more and more worried about next year's fanmeeting.."

This person...: "Can I say something? Yunho... your signature, isn't it Tohoshinki Yunho's signiature? On a document like this, you should sign it seriously like how Changmin has signed it." (she/he is saying that the signature Yunho used is the same as the one he signs on fan products).

Lastly : "The painful part is coming again... only 10 days (the deadline). I still don't really understand the thoughts of the two still staying with SME. Is it really trust or is it some other reason? As a Tohoshinki fan, I hope all five of them can leave SME and continue their activities together. That's what I think... sigh, split in in half..."

Doesn't it all sound very passive?

Fan: "What is all this ?? What kinds of threats did you pull to make the two sign the document?
Using those two as hostage, even dragging in their parents, how can you do that and not feel ashamed???
Your ill manners are too well known.
SME and Tohoshinki signed a 13 year contract, which basically means a slave contract can easily be claimed void by the court.
Please do not take advantaged our your upperhand in this situation to hurt people, to make us hate you more, to want to curse you.
Please to not make me spit out: "You (insert word), you will definitely not live a happy life~~" types of curses.
If it were you who were the industry's top stars, you wouldn't want to work under such conditions.
Bring out all your evidence of innocence,
Please don't abuse Tohoshinki and their fans' relationship ~~"

Still pretty gentle sounding to me, very reasonable, not all rushing out to conclusions.

I have no reason to bash any side as I refuse to take sides. Hmph.

- As a little note, Japanese fans may have had to take this whole event harder than we, international fans as earlier on, AVEX has stated that Tohoshinki's Japanese activities will be starting again. With the new developements, things may not be so

credits: cathy@pixnet.net

Credits: cathy@pixnet.net
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