Sunday, November 1, 2009

[News+Audio]"Love Melody" TVXQ fans made a fanalbum

TVXQ’s fanclub ‘Cassiopeia’ made a fan album to support TVXQ.

Cassiopeia introduced a single album ‘Love Melody’ at an online music site on the 27th of October. This album was made by Cassiopeia who sang, composed and made the lyrics to show their love and power.

The title song ‘Love Melody’ is a ballad song with lyrics meaning such as ‘we will always be by your side’. As the album was introduced to public, the netizen (people on the computer) said ‘TVXQ’s fanclubs are just so amazing’ ‘ A amateur showing this much skill is terrific!’..etc with surprised responses.

TVXQ’s fans said ‘while I was listening to the songs I felt deeply touched’ ‘I wish TVXQ won’t give up and feel energized’…they added warm comments.
Meanwhile, it was told that the benefits of the album will be donated to charity.

Credits: DBSKnights
Source: sportschossun
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here's the audio..
honestly i love this song..
their voices really great,,and beauty harmony
goodjob cassies!! ^____^