Tuesday, November 3, 2009

[ADMIN POST] I'm Greenne, and im new! > <

Haii sweetfig!

I'm Greenne, a new member here. I'm chinese :)
Please take care of me everyone (> <)!
I'm new to using blogspot, so please be patient with me.
I'll do my best to update everyone with tvxq stuff :D <3

Greenne :3


echonkz said...

haaii Greenne!!
welcome here dear..
hope we can work together ^___^

adie t. said...

hello Greenne ^^ I'm new too :D
do you have a blog of your own? mine's [www.kcyrse.blogspot.com] ^^

echonkz said...

hey adie..welcome here too..
im sooo happy!!
more members..more love,,more power ^____^

Under the Stars said...

welcome dearest!