Sunday, November 8, 2009

[Trans] 091103 Andy "I Want To Stand On One Stage With TVXQ"

Andy, who has released his second album after going solo, said in an interview with Asia Economics Newspaper that, "I can sort of understand the pain the TVXQ members are going through right now. As a fellow singer, I am very saddened by the situation. I hope that they come to a decision that doesn't hurt both sides."

Regarding TVXQ's current legal dispute with SM Entertainment, he said, "I do not have the right to say what is right and what is wrong. It is even hard to say what I want to happen," and "Singers all have a stage that they want to stand on. I hope that they do not lose their individual thoughts and determination. I hope they think of their fans the most."

He also continued by saying, "Before, all of us (Shinhwa) go together, saw TVXQ and all thought, 'They're so cool. It's intimidating.' TVXQ's powerful performance and singing was so intimidating to all of us. We did not know something like this would happen so I am in shock and I'm saddened."

Regarding the reason the members of Shinhwa were able to perform individual acticities without any discord, Andy said, "Instead of being greedy, we worked hard to help each other. All of us are people who have their own greeds. But we never thought that we had to become like someone else who was successful. We always worked to find our own colors but I sometimes think, 'If it wasn't for Shinhwa, would we have gotten this far?' If you only think of your own thoughts and those of nobody else, it becomes a fight. I hope that they do not disregard the big picture for the little things."

As a closing statement, Andy said, "Later, when all the Shinhwa members get together, I want us to stand on one stage with TVXQ. Although they may overshadow us, it won't be impossible as we will work hard to shine as much as they do since all of us are really competitive. I think that we would be able to at least not embarrass ourselves and create a great performance. I want to see TVXQ again."

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