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[Trans] 091112 Three Members Ignored SM Deadline, Both Parties Stood Their Ground – What Will Happen to TVXQ?

Today is the last day for SM Entertainment and the three members to come to a decision. However, both parties have still failed to do so.

The three members of TVXQ (Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Youngwoong Jaejoong) and SM Entertainment have still not come to a decision. Both sides are standing strong with their choices, not giving in to the other. Thus, the possibility of them reconciling is decreasing each day. Recently during a press conference, SM has requested the three members to come to a decision by the 12th. However, even though the 12th has passed, there is still no news and this has made fans very worried.

On the 12th, SM Entertainment and the three members of TVXQ did not release any statements; both are still not giving in to the other party. We’re afraid that we cannot anticipate SM Entertainment and the three reconciling.

Regarding the stand of the three members, their representative lawyer from the Sejong Law Firm stated, "Other than those that had already been said, there are no other new updates.” SM Entertainment also said on this day, "We have not received the reply of the three members, meaning that they are not yet ready to officially make a stand."

In the end, there was still no decision made on the 12th and TVXQ's activities may now have problems. In this situation, fans hope that TVXQ can be reunited. The fans said, “We hope that both parties can give in a little, so that we can once again see the future of TVXQ." An anonymous person from the entertainment industry said, "TVXQ is Korea's representative." "Abandoning the stands of the singer and the company, I hope there will be a good ending to this, for the sake of Korea."

However, someone else from the entertainment industry had a different opinion and said, "From the start, both their stands are already very strong and clear, and getting back together is a difficult thing," and “Instead of just hoping that things will be fixed, they should make the decision to get what they want.”

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