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[TRANS] 091104 Unlawful Contract Controversy SM Ent, Will They Change Their Stance?

Representative Kim Young Min read his statement

At the press conference, SM representative Kim Young Min stated, "If the law or the government sets new standards for exclusive contracts, we will actively follow these."

"If the law sets new standards for exclusive contracts, then we will actively follow these standards."
SM Entertainment, which is caught in an unlawful contract controversy with one of its celebrities,is garnering attention for saying that as long as the law sets or a public organization authenticates the standards for exclusive contracts, the agency would be actively willing to follow such standards.

At the press conference at the 63 Building in Seoul on the 2nd, SM representative Kim Young Min stated, "We would like the political offices related to this industry such as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Fair Trade Committee, and National Assembly to come together to create new standards for exclusive contracts that will be set by the law or have public organizations authenticate the standards so that these standards are accepted by the law." He also stated, "(If the standards are made in such a way,) SM is actively willing to follow these standards."

Kim continued on by promising that, "If these new standards are accepted by the law, SM will change all of its contracts with its artistes to adhere to the new standards."

Kim also said, "Unless there are contract standards that protect the people involved by law from the time the contract is made until the contract is terminated, and unless such standards are followed, the confusion that is happening currently will only repeat itself."

"If they don't want their words to be empty words, they must secure their sincerity... Follow the recommendations from the Fair Trade Committee first."

But organizations and the public are split over what SM has said. Professor Lee Dong Yeon of the Korean National University of Arts stated, "For SM's declaration to not become empty words, they must prove their sincerity." Professor Lee also stated, "If we go by SM's theory, the current recommendations set by the Fair Trade Committee can be ignored as they do not have legal forced upon others, and SM would follow the news standards if they are legally forced upon the agency. This statement makes one suspicious of the agency's sincerity." Professor Lee also said, "If SM really has the thought of doing what they said they would, then they should adhere to the recommendations of the Fair Trade Committee first and then follow any new standards that are set by the law."

"There is a need to work on respecting the rights of celebrities as well as an effort by the agency to change."

SM Entertainment's President Kim Young Min stated at the press conference held on the 2nd that, "SM has changed clauses regarding compensation and contract period three times in 2002, 2007 and 2008 with the corrective actions and recommendations of the Fair Trade Committee," and "It is absurd to say that such a contract that has been fixed numerous times is called a 'human rights violating,' 'slave contract' and 'antisocial contract'."

However there is retaliation to his statement that says, "If a contract that has been changed three times is in such a state, one can surmise just how bad the original contract was."

After the press conference, one fan said, "Although the root cause of this dispute is the unlawful contract and unfair treatment of the group, SM keeps attempting to draw people's attention away from the root cause," and "I want to ask them if they themselves think that the current contract is really fair and just."

Representative Kim Myung Shin of the Culture Yeon University stated, "There is a need to work on respecting the rights of celebrities as well as an effort by the agency to change," and "The agency itself must work to move our entertainment industry away from the perpendicular relationship it is in."

Representative Kim also said, "A large agency such as SM has the responsibility to set an example as it greatly contributes to mass culture in Korea," and "I hope they show us a mature side that sincerely thinks over this situation and accepts their responsibility to further the development of the Koran entertainment industry."

She also said, "I hope this dispute does not stop as an argument between a large agency and its celebrity, but moves on to be a stepping stone towards a better management system that protects the rights of celebrities, creates fair contracts and has transparent income division."

There are voices that say that in order for these wants to become reality, both the agency and the celebrity must come to a compromise that suits both sides.

Professor Lee stated, "In the view of the agency, it must stop seeing its celebrities as mere tools or products and must engage in a parallel and equal relationship. The celebrity must move away from thinking of personal profit and must think about improving the cultural content of the nation."

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