Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[TRANS] 091117 Hero Jaejoong's Acting "As Natural As Breathing"

The movie"Heaven's Postman" starring Hero Jaejoong and Han Hyo Joo, has received about 70945 viewers in Korea between the date it first premiered to the 15th of November. Under the never-ending compliments for the movie, it will definitely receive much more attention.

Asia's most popular idol, Hero Jaejoong, debut movie is currently showing in Korea and the sales have achieved good numbers.

The especially beautiful images in the movie has moved the viewers. After watching it, it feels as if one self has been engulfed into the beautiful fairy tale story in the movie. Hero Jaejoong and Han Hyo Joo's acting in the movie has also received many approvals from the viewers, especially Hero Jaejoong who is acting for the first time. "His acting is as natural as breathing" was the comments received from the viewers.

Source: [bntnews] + [heyjj]
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