Monday, November 2, 2009

[Trans] 091102 Changmin and Yunho Speak Out

From SM Representative: "During these times, all these talks about unfair contracts, human rights, slave contracts and what nots are all started because of the Cosmetic business and the greed for money. In all 5 years, Dong Bang Shin Ki and SM's relationship have been the most trusted and close relationship out of everyone else, like a brotherly relationship. But ever since those three members started the Cosmetic business, their wants and requests became more and wanted to have their own way of business. So they did what they wanted, not through the company, but by themselves. From that moment, the three members and SM started to have disagreements and rumours started coming out. Slowly, the relationship between all five members and the company became different."

"By doing all this, those three members have betrayed and destroyed Dong Bang Shin Ki and the company's hard work, trust, relationship and everything, only caring about their Cosmetic business and the money that they can get from it. For money and benefits, they have first broken the contract and then proceed to recieving the fundings."

I don't know what the heck to say anymore. A quick translation from baidu:

"We are Dong Bang Shin Ki's Jung Yunho, Shim Changmin"
"After the three members applied for the lawsuit, towards why the
situation has become like this, we have recieved a lot of questions"

"Just seems like after the three's cosmetic business started,
everything started to change"

"Towards the whole situation, we aren't very clear, but using our
common sense, if the cosmetic company wanted to use Dong Bang
Shin Ki's name for their products, they should first let us and our
company, SM, know about it beforehand."

"But because this company has not said or asked anything to our
company and have used other ways to use our members to further
initialise the cosmetic business, it seems like problems are bound
to happen. As the situation is like that, both of us have no way to

Translated from Chinese translations, they are not full translations.

Credits: baidu
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Under the Stars said...

i actually having doubts now. i'm shifting to become on sme's side. at least we all know what the other two(Yunho and Min) are feeling now.

i feel that they also have the right to do that. and i have no grudge on them for doing that.

I just hope the outcome will be better and will see them as 5.