Saturday, November 7, 2009

[Info] 091105 Bigeast Now Over 160,000!!!

091105: 5 PM: Japan Time:

“To attend the fan meeting, my mom joined Bigeast just now, and her number was 160***.”

091105: 9:30 PM:

“My mom said she wants to go to fan meeting with me, so she joined today. Her number was 160***.”
(T/N: Yes many Bigeast are TVXQ fans together with their family! Just like Sekine’s! ^^)

091105: 11: 30 PM:

I wanted to join Bigeast badly, so I started to do part time job,
since I will receive my first payment soon, I joined Bigeast few minutes ago
because I wanted to go to Fan Meeting!
My number was 161*** Wow, in the same day, it grew by 1,000?!

Wow, over 160,000?! The person who joined in July was 130***!!
Around 30,000 in just four months?!! WOW!!

Behind Avex is the amazingly powerful support of Bigeast!
TVXQ and we fans Hwaitting~~~~~~!!!

I believe, TVXQ broke their own record of Guinness Book long time ago in 2009!!
Their numbers of fans are the biggest in the world history. LOL

Always Keep The Faith!!

source: Bigeast
translated by:
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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