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[Trans] Bigeastation ep 136

Part 1~

part 2~

JJ: Ok, Tohoshinki Bigeaststation, today it is JJ
YH: and YH who are hosting. Please take care of us.
JJ: Ah, today the DJ is me JJ, haven’t been one for long.
YH: Oh, really.
YC: There really is this dark night’s feel.
YH: Yes
JJ: HAhahaha
YC: JJ-sama
YH: Very calm from the very beginning~
YC: Yes
JJ: To you two who are suddenly praising me, I have a sudden question.
YC: Eh?
YH: Oh, what is it?
JJ: Regarding this season (T/N: fall), please tell everyone what you two would recommend as fashion.
YC: Oh, why asking about fashion all of a sudden?
JJ: It’s not really that sudden.
YC: But, how should I put it, right now it’s in between autumn and winter~
YH: Right
JJ: Ah
YC: This time of the year swimsuits are the most suitable…
JJ: So… before you guys answer me..
YH: Yes
JJ: I have something to say.
YC: What is it?
JJ: There are a lot of reader’s mails, saying you two are really knowledgeable in fashion, and that you guys dress fashionably.
YH: Eh, really?
YC: Hahahaha
JJ: That’s why I ask the two of you.
YH: Eh, are you sure? I don’t think I am (fashionable)
YC: Then YH please answer first.
YH: Hehehehe, the pressure is immense.
YH: For me, autumn is leather
YC: Leather’s…
JJ: Leather
YC: What?
YH: Leather
YC: Leather’s what?
YH: Leather……..
YC: Leather-made what…?
YH: Boots, boots.
JJ + YC: Boots
YH: I’ve never worn before.
YC: Eh?
JJ: Eh, rarely wear them?
YH: Rarely
JJ: You wear them once in a wihle.
YH: Yes, next I want to try wearing boots.
JJ: Ah, boots are not bad. What about YC?
YC: I really have one.
JJ: You really have one, and that is…
YC: It can be counted as one of my recent favorite item
JJ: Yes
YC: The leather wallet that I used to use, how should I put it, is like folded? (T/N: the wallets that you open and close by folding horizontally, I don’t know if there’s an English word for is orz)
YH: Yes
YC: The leather wallet that I used is the folded ones, but..
JJ: But…
YC: But….
YH: But….and?
YC: Not anymore.
YH: Not anymore, and now it is..
YC: I switched to the long wallets. Long wallets.
YH: Oh
YC: I don’t know how to say it in Japanese
JJ+YH: Mhm
YC: I fell in love with long (leather) wallets.
JJ: Ah
YH: Oh
YC: I think it can be counted as a fashionable item
JJ+ YH: Oh
YC: I want to recommend it to everyone
YH: Yes.
JJ: Really awesome huh~
YC: Not bad huh~
YH: Yes
JJ: Dear listeners, Tohoshinki is well known as fashionable, as fashionable…
YC: JJ, JJ what do you want to recommend?
JJ: Ok
YC: Hahahaha
JJ: YH and YC recommended fashion items, what do you guys think? What should I say, hohoho
YC: Hahahaha
YC: Okay, then…
YC: Wah
JJ: Tohoshinki Bigeastation, let’s listen to our first song for today, Tohoshinki’s SHINE.

Toho Psychology
JJ: Next is the unit Toho Psychology. Without any explanation needed, it is psychology tests. Depending on the questions, it might expose one of member’s character that might differ from his usual image, the unexpected side.
YC: Oh
JJ: Toho Psych is starting…then…
YH: Ok, let me YH start first
JJ: Let’s start with YH
YH: Ok, nickname Keikonomutu’s mail
JJ+YC: Yes
YH: The question is “You and your friend is burying a time capsule, how deep will you bury it? A. Shallow B. Deep
YC: Wait, did JJ see it already?
JJ: Nonono, I didn’t see it, didn’t.
YC: You just saw it
YH: Ah, yes
JJ: I didn’t
YC: JJ saw the answers already
JJ: Nono, I really didn’t see it
YH: Then you two please answer
YC: What is the question?
JJ: Hahahaha
YC: Sorry
YH: “You and your friend are taking a time capsule…”
YC: Time capsule?
JJ: Yes
YH: “and burying it…”
JJ: Burying it
YC: Yes yes
YH: “How deep will you bury it? A. Shallow B. Deep
YC: Is this all?
YH: Yes. A or B
YC: Ah, this is hard
YH: Shallow or deep
YC: I choose B
JJ: Hold on, normally, people would choose B, right?
YH: Really? Not really…
YC: Because JJ saw the answers already
JJ: Nono
YC: Then JJ please answer first. You choose first.
JJ: Ok, I choose B. Normally people would choose B
YH: YC don’t look at me
YC: Hohoho
YH: Hahaha
YC: I also want to bury it deep, but I choose A, because JJ chose B
YH: Oh, really?
JJ: YC really choosing A?
YC: Although I want to choose B…
JJ: Mhm
YC: But there’s only A and B
JJ: Only two choices
YH: 50% chances
YC: I still choose A
YH: A? Ok, I see.
JJ: Hahaha
YH: This test can test whether your mouth is tight or not
YC: Mouth tight or not?
YH: Yes. The shallower you bury it, the less tight your mouth is.
JJ: Yes yes yes yes.
YH: The deeper you bury it, the tighter your mouth is.
YC: Well
JJ: The normal choice is the best
YH: JJ saw the answers already
YC: He saw them already
JJ: I didn’t. I didn’t!
YH: Ah, this is not fun
YC: Ah, you are right.
JJ: I am today’s DJ, DJ, please don’t look down on the DJ
YH: Ah, JJ is playing dirty
YC: Playing dirty
JJ: Hahahaha
YH: Ah
YC: Can I introduce the next question?
YH: Yes
JJ: Yes, please the loose mouthed YC
YC: Then the dirty JJ please listen carefully
JJ: Hahaha
YC: Hahaha
YC: Nickname is ski ski Jejuko
JJ: Ah, not bad, the nickname is not bad
YC: Ok, the question is “You borrow your friend’s binoculars, you look around from your house. You look everywhere, and suddenly on a far away building, you see a middle-aged man who is also looking at you using his binoculars.”
YC: “That middle-aged man looks at you, smiles and waves, please describe the appearance of the man”
YH: For me, he is tall
YC: Tall
YH: Tall, and slim
YC: What about the face?
YH: He’s handsome, but laughs like Junsu
YC: Hahahaha
YH: Hahahaha. Slim and handsome, but laughs like Junsu
JJ: Ah
JJ: Like this, yes.
JJ: Nostrils take up half the face
YH: Hahaha
JJ: Large nostrils. And then a scary mustache, the shape is normal, but the mustache is…
YC: Yes
JJ: How should I say it?
YH: Obama
JJ: Completely white (pale)
YC: Completely white
YH: Completely white
YC: What about the hairstyle?
YH: Like a god? Hahahaha
JJ: Hairstyle~ all black
YC: Ok, what about the eyes?
JJ: Eyes are smaller than the nostrils
YC: Ok
JJ: What is this
YC: The answer is…
JJ: Don’t tell me that…
YC: “This is your future self”
JJ: Hahahaha
YH: Ah, I see
JJ: This is too overstretched
YC: Like just now, you still seem to play dirty
YH: Yes, ah, my future self is still tall
JC: That’s so mean
JJ: This is it for today
YH: YC: Hahahaha
JJ: How was Toho Psychology? It was really absurd.
YC: Yes
JJ: Ok, we welcome everyone to provide us psychology tests. Just now it was the unit Toho Psychology.
JJ: Let’s listen to a song
YC: Ok
JJ: My nostrils definitely will not turn large
YC: Tohoshinki’s “Endlessly Sweet”
JJ: Hahahaha

JJ: Now it is Tohoshinki’s news. First of all, Tohoshinki Jejung and Yoochun single “COLORS~ Melody and Harmony” and “Shelter” is released, we thank everyone for their feedback.
YH+YC: Thank you
JJ: Please continue to support us
YC: Please continue to support us
JJ: Next, “Tohoshinki LIVE DVD 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 – The Secret Code – Final in Tokyo Dome” is also released, please support us. Finally, this show welcomes everyone’s mail. All mail please be sent to our show’s official website, the website is,, Toho’s spelling is t.o.h.o. The official website has our recording’s photo, please take a look at it.

How to say it in Korean?
JJ: Ok, next is the unit “How to say it in Korean”. Today we also received a lot of mails. Thank you.
YC: Thank you.
JJ: Let’s start quickly.
YC: Then, let’s start with JJ
JJ: Ok, let’s start with JJ
YH: Ok please
JJ: Ok I’m starting. Nickname is Mongoti
YH: Mongoti
JJ: ‘s mail. “YH’s long legs…”
YH: Eh
JJ: “CM’s round eyes…”
YH: Wah
JJ: “JJ’s sexy lips…”
YH: Oh
YC: Lies!
JJ: “YC’s charismatic forehead…”
YH: Wah
YC: No way
JJ: “JS….”
YC: Nothing
JJ: “Junsu’s proud…”
YC: (duck) butt
JJ: “Butt”
YH: Ah
JJ: “How do you say each body parts in Koean?”
YC: JS, only JS’s is proud.
JJ: Yes
YC: The “proud” that was specially added
JJ: Yes. That is JS’s proud body part. He really is proud of it
YC: Yes
JJ: YH’s long legs…legs are..
YC: "다리" (dari)
JJ: "다리"(dari)
YH: "다리" (dari)
JJ: Yes. Legs are
YH: YC: "다리" (dari)
JJ: CM’s…
YC: eyes
JJ: Round eyes
JJ+YC: "눈" (nun)
YH: "눈" (nun)
JJ: is "눈" (nun). Eyes are
YH+YC: "눈" (nun)
JJ: Sexy lips. Lips are…
YC: "입술" (ibsul)
YH: "입술" (ibsul)
YC: "입술" (ibsul)
JJ: Lips are…
YH+YC: "입술" (ibsul)
JJ: Then YC’s charismatic forehead is…
YC: This is good
JJ: "이마" (ima)
YC: "이마" (ima)
JJ: Really
YC: “Right now”’s "이마" (ima)
JJ: This is the same as Japanese’s “いま(Right now)”’s pronunciation.
YC: My mood right isn’t very good, ok.
JJ: Then JS’s proud duck butt. Butt is…
YH+YC: "엉덩이" (eongdeongi)
YH+JJ+YC: "엉덩이" (eongdeongi)
YC: Together
YH+JJ+YC: "엉덩이" (eongdeongi)
YC: Hahaha
JJ: Hahaha
YH: Hohoho
YC: The tone is funny
JJ: Yes
YC: "엉덩이" (eongdeongi)
JJ: "엉덩이" (eongdeongi)
YC: Yes, "엉덩이" (eongdeongi)
JJ: Please remember it, and use it often. Next song, no, next mail.
YC: Let me read it
JJ: Ok
YC: Nickname Even for a day, I want to be transparent.
JJ: Eh?
YH: Oh
YC: a 14 year old girl. So that’s what on her mind, hahahaha.
JJ: Me at this age…
YC: Has also thought of that?
JJ: I’ve thought of it before.
YC: Ah, I see.
JJ: I want to be transparent.
YC: JJ really plays dirty
JJ: No, why? Normal people would think like that
YC: Hohoho. “Tohonshinki hi. Recently I fell in love with “Forever Love”s PV. “Forever” is Japanese is えいえん, how do you say “えいえん” in Korean?
JJ: えいえん
YC: えいえん
YH: えいえん is really a good phrase/word
YC: If it is only えいえん…
JJ: "영원" (yeongweon)
YC: is "영원"~ (yeongweon)
JJ: Yes
YC: "영원". But in the case of “Forever Love,” it is not "영원 사랑" (yeongweon sarang) , but “영원한 사랑" (yeongweonhan sarang) , you add “한" (han)
JJ: If you translate “한" (han) into Japanese…
YC: it would be "の"?
JJ: it would be "な"
JJ: "な"
JJ: Yes
YC: "えいえんな(Forever)"
YH: Yes
YC: "えいえんな Love". Do you guys believe in "えいえんな"?
JJ: Ah, I do
YC: Dirty JJ believes in it
JJ: Yes. What you mean is that YC with the charismatic forehead doesn’t believe in it?
YC: What about YH?
YH: I used to, hahahaha
YC: Used to? Used to?
YH: Yes, I think it exists.
YH: You think so? Why?
YH: Heyyy~
JJ: Ok, YH’s turn to read
YH: Ok, I’m starting. Nickname Ozu’s mail.
YC: Ozu
YH: Yes. “Hi, I am watching a lot of Korean dramas right now. In the dramas, they would always say “"愛してる(I love you)” this line, but the line "好き ( I like you)” doesn’t appear often. "愛してる"’s Korean should be "사랑해", what about "好き"?”
YC: First, Korean dramas don’t use "好き" is because they don’t like each other.
YH: Hohohoho
JJ: Right, . "愛してる" doesn’t mean..
YC: Doesn’t mean they like each other
JJ: Right right right
YC: Hohoho
YH: Korean and Japanese’s feel are a little different
YC:Slightly different
YH: Yes. First, "好き"’s Korean is"좋아해" (sohahae)
YC: "好きです"。
YH: "좋아해" (sohahae) But…
YC: In Japan, if you fell in love with someone, you usually say “大好き (I really like you)”
YH: “大好き” yes
YC: In Korea, instead of” 大好き”, people usually say “"愛してます (I love you)”
YH: Yes, people usually say “"愛してます”
JJ: A little different. Japanese usually won’t say "愛してます” to a friend
YH: Yes
JJ: But for Koreans, for example our members
YC: "愛してます”
YH: "愛してま”
JJ: Usually people say "愛してます YH”. "愛してます YC”
YH: Yes
JJ: That’s how it is in Korea
YC: I also love YH, love CM, love YS, that’s it
YH: Hahahaha
YC: Hahahaha
YH: Except for the dirty JJ, I love all the other 4
YC: Yeaaa
JJ: Ok..
YC: JJ doesn’t have anything to say?
JJ: Eh? I have something to say
YC: Anything to me?
JJ: Yc, This is it for today. Today’s “How to say it in Korean”, what does everyone think?
YC: Cold, really cold. Hohoho
JJ: What should I do, I don’t know
YH: Please use these Korean
YC: Ok
JJ: Ok. This is it for today
YC: Ok
JJ: Today’s “How to say it in Korean”, what does everyone think? Please us the Korean we taught today. Tohoshinki Bigeastation, let’s listen to the last song. JEJUNG & YUCHUN (from Tohoshinki)「COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~」。

JJ: Tohoshinki Bigeastation, it’s time to say goodbye again. I really don’t want to.
YC: Yes
JJ: I always don’t way to
YC: Yes
JJ: Don’t you?
YC: Really don’t want to
JJ: Ok
YH: Really don’t want to
JJ: Right now there might be listeners crying. This show is looking forward to those who are crying right now’s mail
YC: Yes
JJ: Units “Please tell me”, “How to say it in Korean”, “Toho psychology”, amd “Loving situation Lovin’ you” Each unit welcomes everyone’s mail. Please send us mails. Mails please be sent to
YH: Ok, the show’s official website is,。Please click mail. Toho’s spelling is t.o.h.o. Please mail us.
JJ: Ok, that was quick
YH: I’ve been practicing tongue twister recently
JJ: Yes. Toho is right
YH: Yes. Toho
JJ: How do you think of today, YH?
YC: I…
YH: Today is not bad. First of all, about the dirty JJ’s personality…really…
JJ: I am not dirty!
YH: We now understand more of his personality.
YC: So the listeners who have listened to this episode…
YH: Yes
YC: The next time when you mail us, nickname please use dirty JJ
YH: Dirty JJ, not bad
YC: Looking forward to everyone’s mail~
YH: Today we really knew the dirty JJ
YC: Yes
JJ: What is this! YC what did you think?
YC: This is it for today
YH: Yes, good, good.
YC: Let’s see next time
YH: Yeeh
YC: Just now it was Tohoshinki’s YC
YH: and JJ
All 3: Bye
JJ: Bye

Credits: Heartmindsoul at PIXNET, yuulinaboojaejonong
Trans: Greenne@sweetfig

Please take out with Full Credits. :)

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