Saturday, November 21, 2009

[Tutorial] Registering on Daum

Another pictorial, this time for





 - have your phone ready as they will call you (voice recording) as soon as you click the button, have pen and paper ready so you can decode the numbers later





That should be it (I accidently ... did something so my browser closed, but after that page your account should be ready and so whatever is next doesn't really matter :D

Ah, as for the academic level and occupation, I didn't get a chance to show that before I closed the browser... but from what I remember it should be elemenary > high school > univeristy for the academic levels (there are a lot to choose but any one of them works the same). For the Occupation tab, if you're a student, look for 핰상 if you're a student LOL (I'm pretty sure I typed that correctly)

 - note: please remeber that your NAME should be CAPATALIZED or else it won't work. Your nickname can be in lowercase. Also, your ID ( is used to LOGIN so please remember your ID (you just need to know the 'something' part). And lastly, use a real phone number or else it won't work ! You'll recieve a call and you will need to write insert the number code into that small box !!

Okay, that should be it.

One more thing, I did take time and effort to do this (it took be quite awhile cause I couldn't use the same phone number for my account) so if you repost this, CREDIT, or I will not be very happy with you. Don't edit out my name (if you can find it) on one of the pictorials or else -warning- (smiles)


Oh right, as soon as you make this, I'm sure the first thing you want is DBSK's daum fancafe, right? ( bricked ), hehe, here is it !  (click the big pink button to join ^^)

Have fun with this ~

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