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[Trans] 091105 U-Know Yunho's Rediscovery through 'HTTG' - 'His Passion For Challenges Shone Through'

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Nowadays, the critiquing of dramas takes its basis from ratings.
When the rating are high, a drama is seen as successful and good, while low ratings make a drama, as well as the actors, a failure. This is why the deciding factor of most of the media's critiques of a successful actor and a failed actor depend on whether that actor was in a drama with high or low ratings.

U-Know Yunho of MBC's 'Heading to the Ground', which ended on the 4th on a gloomy note with 16 episodes, received such appraisal as well. But U-Know Yunho was different. U-Know Yunho, who temporarily left his title as leader of idol group TVXQ that swept all of Asia of its feet to try his hand at acting, grew as an excellent actor despite the fact that his drama received low ratings. Instead of drawing the limit from failure, he worked harder to improve his acting skills.

U-Know Yunho was rediscovered through 'Heading to the Ground'. During the drama, he showed the viewers who actor Jung Yunho, not singer TVXQ's U-Know Yunho, was. According to those involved with the drama, U-Know Yunho matured and grew rapidly as an actor in 'Heading to the Ground' from episode 1 to 16. The insufficiency of episodes 1 and 2 were filled by episode 3 and 4 and he began to show a more mature acting through episodes 5 and 6 and began drawing the viewers' attention.

The decision to partake in 'Heading to the Gorund' in itself was a great challenge to Jung Yunho. In the case of most rookie actors, they choose characters that will continue and better their popularity and image such as flower boys, business tycoons, charismatic guys, bad boys, or geniuses. But U-Know Yunho broke out of his image as an idol on stage and showed a quite different side of himself. He wanted to be reborn as an actor. To overcome the handicap of it being an idol star's first acting attempt, he went head on with situations in the drama without the use of a stunt double and won.

His character Cha Bong Goon was more memorable because he was not a cool character, but one who seemed to be lacking in some way. He showed everything from bizarre facial expressions to comical dancing. Although the charisma of TVXQ he had built up since his debut had disappeared, he was able to show everyone the birth of Actor Jung Yunho.

TVXQ's U-Know Yunho, who now has five years of a singing career under his belt, has evolved into a talented singer but has just begun to mature as Actor Jung Yunho. His youth and passion for challenges are beautiful, there are hopes to see what else Actor Jung Yunho has to offer in dramas and in movies.

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