Monday, November 2, 2009

[TRANS] Psychology: Which One?

It's originally in Chinese so if you want to view it in Chinese, you can just click here:

Tell us what you get after! hehehe
I got Diagnosis- E (Yunho). hahah we are soooooooo meant to be!

Btw, this is rai!.haha


1.When you're 50, what do you hope you'll be like?

A. Not many wrinkles,still resembles a 20 year old's youthfullness-- go to #7
B. Have a name in society, a mature successful woman-- go to #2

2.Have you once looked in the mirror and experimented on which facial expression suits you the most?

A.YES-- go to #8

B.NO-- go to #3

3.When talking to someone, you're absent-mind/thinking of other things?

A.YES-- go to #9

B.NO-- go to #4

4.You really like to finish things from beginning to end?

A.YES-- go to #10

B.NO-- go to #5

5.You don't really enjoy complaining to others?

A.YES-- go to #11

B.NO-- go to #6

6.You would sacrifice yourself for someone else's happiness?

A.YES-- go to #12

B.NO-- go to #13

7.You've never been rejected when confesing to someone.

A.YES-- go to #13

B.NO-- go to #2

8.Your relationship with the opposite gender is very good, you're always able to get a boyfriend.

A.YES-- go to C

B.NO-- go to #15

9.Your mood fluctuates greatly, you throw a temper very easily.

A.YES-- go to E

B.NO-- go to #19

10.You feel as though you're like an older sister, you're veyr good at taking care of others.

A.YES-- go to B

B.NO-- go to #17

11.If something happens, you'll become distraught?

A.YES-- go to #18

B.NO-- go to D

12.When chatting online, if you meet a boring person, you'll be upset?

A.YES-- go to B

B.NO-- go to #22

13.You're very good a making friends, you're popular with people/

A.YES-- go to #19

B.NO-- go to #14

14.You've recieved presents from people you didn't like?

A.YES-- go to #20

B.NO-- go to #15

15.You can't really tell someone else your bad points?

A.YES-- go to #21

B.NO-- go to #16

16.You really like a busy life?

A.YES-- go to #22

B.NO-- go to #17

17.You've once thought of/ wanted to die?

A.YES-- go to #18

B.NO-- go to #23

18.You're great at listening, your friends always talk to you about their troubles?

A.YES-- go to #24

B.NO-- go to #22

19.Have you been approached by at least 5 people while walking on the streets?

A.YES-- go to A

B.NO-- go to #20

20.Have you been hated my friends?

A.YES-- go to C

B.NO-- go to #21

21.No matter how much you like the other person, you still feel like there's no need to say it?

A.YES-- go to E

B.NO-- go to C

22.When chatting, you usually do most of the talking.

A.YES-- go to B

B.NO-- go to #23

23. For you family or friends, you're able to hold in everything?

A.YES-- go to D

B.NO-- go to #24

24.When reading novels, you never are able to understand the main characters feelings.

A.YES-- go to D

B.NO-- go to E




A boy who would like you certainly wouldn't be a complex person! His personality is pure, thoughts are simple, likes to notice everything you do, and from time to time, notice your expressions. Once you two get together, it should last pretty long.


You're born with a unique mind, so the boy with you will be very happy. They are attracted to your type of surprsing personality, especicially those boys who aren't so determined or dependant. You two's personalities will be a bit of a relying relationship, so it should be very sweet.


Girls like you who have cheerful personalities will usually attract the more sporty types of boys. When you two talk, it won't be too deep, mostly the conversation will consist of simple words like: "very nice", "yummy", "not bad", etcetera.


Your personality is quite strong, the boys who will like you are usually those who's personalities are more neutral. Most of the time you'll feel that the people you like are more suited to be your friend so next time, if you feel like that person's not so bad, why not be a bit more direct !


In a whole, you are a very happy, very hard to understand person. The boys who lke you must have a bit of wildness, and confidence to themselves. From the start, you two will have great chemistry.

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