Wednesday, November 18, 2009

[NEWS/VID] Bigeastation 137 Photo + 138/139 Preview

Episode 137:

"Junsu, it's not good to lie on the program !" ( Jaejoong, Changmin )
"I wasn't lying ! I always read like this." ( Junsu )

 - Changmin, your arms ...

November 23rd
This time it's hosted by Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun
- Toho-Psychology
` what do Jaejoong and Junsu think of each other?
- How do you say it in Korean
` "I miss you", "I'm not good enough?"  ( approx. the meanings LOL)

November 30th
This time it's hosted by Changmin and Yunho
 - Toho Records and Sights
` this time Yunho will introduce 72's CD album [こわくない ]
 - How do you say it in Korean
` "be happy", "I feel terrible..."

The webpage to the 72 that Yunho's introducing is here:

She is an indie labelled artist ( I think ), her song is pretty nice.

Check it out here: (the song doesn't start till about 2:10)

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