Monday, November 9, 2009

[TRANS] 091109 Eriko Kitagawa's Blog Update

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I just received a telephone call from Jaejoong!
Today seems to be the first release date? (press conference date?) for the movie “Heaven’s Postman”. (I couldn’t catch all the words because the conversation was in both Korean and Japanese, mixed language!) He said that the movie had received a good reputation. (He said something as the tickets sold in advance were all sold out, maybe…)

Anyway, I talked with the Producer Mr. Jang, the Movie director Mr. Lee Hyung Min, and Jaejoong (who is taking the leading role). But I couldn’t remember in details, since I was so excited!

It seems that the press impression was good.
WOW~! I am so delighted to know that the movie has received such a good reputation in Korea!
I did not understand, but I thought I heard the word No. 1. (What is No 1? I thought I heard the word…)

I’m sorry for this very vague report.
But it is true I’ve heard that the movie had received a good reputation, and that the producer, the movie director, and the leading actor were all in high spirits..
Wonderful, just wonderful.

I said to Jaejoong “I am now carrying on a campaign in Japan. I want everyone to see this movie in Japan, too.” Jaejoong already knew the facts. OMG, Jaejoong knows about this blog.

I am now a little bit frightened…
It seems to be a big deal now.
Well, I’ve prepared myself for it!

T/N: Eriko Kitagawa is the original screenwriter for this movie.