Thursday, July 2, 2009

[TRANS] Indepth-Interview with Gods of the East “TVXQ" from Thailand newspaper

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Though this is their 10th visit to Thailand, the popularity of 5 Gods of the East “TVXQ” does not decrease but instead becomes even stronger.
Maybe because of the smart handsome looks from their latest album Mirotic that captivate girls’ hearts and that in both days of Yamaha Presents TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic” in Bangkok, the 5 guys, Xiah Micky Hero Max U-Know, performed their best, singing, dancing and shaking the whole Impact Arena.

And this time they told the Entertainment News Team their feelings about Thailand that have never been revealed anywhere before. Start with Micky who said “Coming to Thailand this time, the weather seems kinda hotter”. While U-know said “ My feeling changes each time I’m here. I feel warmer and warmer because everty time the fans will give us an even warmer welcome.” Xiah and Micky also told us that they totally like a blanket of Thai Airways because it makes them feel very cozy lol.

What is the difference between Thai fans and those of other countries?
U-know “ I guess maybe Thailand’s weather is hot, so Thai fans seem to be more alert and active than others (smile). Besides, Thai people are kind and warm-hearted.” Then Micky quickly added that “ Thai fans are different in that when we perform abroad, there will be fanclubs from several countries including Thailand and these fans also bring banners with their names or our names on. But as for Thai fans, they will write ‘Thailand’ on the banner. So I feel that Thai people are very patriotic.”

So, is there anyone want to live in Thailand ?
They all raised their hands.

What do you guys want to do in Thailand?
Micky answered in Thai clearly, “ Muoy Thai” (Thai Kick Boxing). Xiah also agreed because both of them have just seen Muoy Thai. Xiah “ Although I have never tried (Muoy Thai) but I’ve seen my friends do it.” While Hero who is very fond of elephant said “ I want to be in the movie Ung Bak 2 because I’ve seen it and want to trying riding an elephant like in the movie. Even the Girl’s Generation who came to Thailand once have riden an elephant.” Then Xiah thought something up and said in Thai clearly, “I want to go to Phuket.”.

When being asked to say some Thai words, U-know said “ Soo Tai Krub” (Fighting!) and the last one, Max, left sweet words for the fans that “Coming to Thailand as the 10th time, I have to thank all the fans. Because of your love, we get to come here often. We’ll do our best.”

Source: Thairath Newspaper, 30 June 2009 issue
Eng trans by Byul~ho @ YHTH
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