Monday, July 13, 2009

[Trans] 090712 TVXQ's Concert in Beijing was Astounding from Start to Finish

On sohu news, the long-awaited TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour Concert "MIROTIC" finally reached Beijing last night (11thof July ) at the Beijing Stadium, having a 2-hour long concert that excited the 50K fans that gathered. Their red lightsticks were swaying along with the songs and singing together with TVXQ, the whole stadium was just beautiful.

TVXQ: I Love Beijing

It is said that the whole concert was just filled with excited fans, but there are some songs that could only be made special with them.
During "HUG," the members started to tear apart Changmin's clothes, making everyone laugh. The song "Balloons,” which had a light beat, even attracted the fans to sing along. “Somebody to Love" and "MIROTIC" were the highlights of this concert, bringing all the fans HIGH to the max. Jung Yunho even shouted "I LOVE BEIJING" during the song "Somebody to Love," giving the fans a friendlier feel.

Last night, TVXQ’s Beijing Concert had given a full hot power, bring the stage to a beautiful state

Stage was just beautiful, the five of them showed their solo moves

Before the concert started, fans were so excited that they started to cry. During the performance, the majority of the fans were shouting the five members' names nonstop, and during the members’ solos, the fans even changed their lightsticks quickly according to the member's representative colors, like for Kim Jaejoong, it was green. For Jung Yunho solo’s, it changed to yellow; it's really mysterious.

Unlike the other concert, TVXQ’s performance had two encores, singing four songs and at the end, they kept thanking the fans for their support.

Kim Junho came to the concert as part of the audience.

Before the opening of the concert, there was a little commotion. The fans were standing and facing to one direction. The one sitting near the stage was Kim Junsu's fraternal twin brother, Kim Junho. Kim Junho has hopes to enter the mainland's market and this time, he's here to support his brother's concert. Fans, too, noticed that there were other mainland idol groups in the audience, here to watch and learn how TVXQ performs.

Source: sohu
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