Monday, July 13, 2009

[Trans] 090711 A Blessing Message From

The numerous thoughts about standing in the same city as you that I had before.
Breathing the same kind of air and feeling the same kind of atmosphere.
July in Beijing holds the scent of summer that surrounds your body.
The feeling of being able to see you, TVXQ - 711 Beijing Concert.


A youth with red lips and white teeth; we faint over your charm.
With the microphone next to your mouth, lips that are so manly; just like that, your voice fills my heart.
I will forever remember that pure and innocent youth and have already placed you at the bottom of my heart.
When you smile, it is really good-looking so do smile because of us.

Maybe the stage is the place you like the most; when you stand on the stage, yu can show off the real you.
Leader yunho, inspiring dancer yunho and a man full of charm - Jung Yunho
Drops of sweat slowly surfacing, and slowly sliding down your face; we have seen all of these.
The many beads of sweat that you have shed during the performance; the pain you went through just for us, the many things you have done for TVXQ.

Because it is you, we have suddenly realized that it is very simple to like someone.
It can be a smile, it can be your eyes or even just some small movements.
All these can just make us scream in our hearts so please let us protect you.
The future days that are already predestined, a wonderful future.

When I close my eyes, I see your smile, so bright and pure, amongst the black backdrop.
Listening, your voice fills my ear drums full with the feeling of happiness.
To be able to see you smile, to be able to hear you sing - this is our happiest moments.
The stage is your world and in your world, we can feel the existence of happiness.

A love song that you sing gently as we listen gently on - a red bag (T/N: this refers to happiness/fortune in Chinese) surrounds us.
You close your eyelids and the sound becomes more realistic, more gentle - these we feel when we close our eyes.
You don't say love often but just from your eyes, we can see and feel that deep meaning of love.
Between us, we don't need much speech as we can communicate just by looking at your eyes
711, this special date, we gather at Beijing because of these 5 youths.
We promise to create a red sea and use red to move all of you.
The deep blue sky, will one day, be overwhelmed by the red.
We hope that TVXQ's 711 Beijing Concert would finish successfully.

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