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[TRANS] 090702 Bigeast Station Episode 118 Translation

JJ: Tohoshinki Bigeast Station, today we have Jaejoong and
YH: Yunho and
CM: Changmin.
JJ: DBSK’s 4th Tour is only left with the two days in Tokyo Dome
YH: It’s finally going to end.
JJ: Wow, it’s really awesome. 4th and 5th of July… Although we have to endure for two days but is indeed coming soon! How are you guys feeling? Nervous?
YH: Ah.. I’m still not feeling that nervous~ But I’m feeling abit nervous for the dancing parts
JJ: Right.. But honestly, because it’s Tokyo Dome, is it really possible?

YH: Yeah.. We used to say that we hoped to stand on Tokyo Dome stage, but in reality, how can it be accomplished so fast? It’s quite unbelievable now.
CM: I never thought it was possible.
JJ: We never really thought about it..
YH: To be able to stand on the Tokyo Dome stage.. It’s really unbelievable.
CM: This person is abit drunk -points to YH-
YH: Right.. my heart is full now (He pronounces full wrongly)
CM: Nothing’s wrong (JJ laughs)
YH: Full, correction.
CM: We must work hard today too.
YH: I’m dozing off.. These few days I’ve been dozing off.
JJ: Yunho might be feeling very nervous already.
CM: Oh.. really nervous.. but it’s okay.
YH: Yeah I guess it’s okay.
JJ: Anyway, the last two days.. In order to ensure that the atmosphere isn’t brought down, we will work hard together.
YH: Right.
JJ: Tohoshinki Bigeast Station, let’s hear the first song for today.. Tohoshinki’s~
Everyone: Survivor

JJ: Tohoshinki Bigeast Station, today the hosts are JJ and
YH: YH and~
JJ: Today we would like to mention some messages that everyone has left behind regarding the single “Stand by U” that will be released on the 1st of July.
YH: Okay, bring it on.
JJ: Okay, we shall start with YH.
YH: Radio name “dedeksonumeru”. “Hello.I have been listening to you guys happily. When I first heard the new single, , I felt that the song was excellent. Finally got it today.
CM: Your reading.. it’s fine right?
YH: No problem~ “It is indeed excellent, it’s so good that I’m in a mess. The melody is beautiful, too good. Even the lyrics are the best. I’m speechless. I have been listening to it repetitively the whole summer. Thank you for such an awesome song”
CM: Thank you.
JJ: Thank you.
YH: I feel really happy when I hear you guys say this.. Really..
JJ: We would still want to continue working harder!
YH: JJ’s the best (T/N: YunJae moment?)
CM: Alright… radio name “Changmin son(?)” (T/N: I couldn’t understand it) “Hello everybody. Stand by U Is definitely a great song, following “Why I Like You?” song’s style. To someone who likes you the most (T/N: the person exagerrated the “most” part by repeating it), I’m really looking forward to it.
YH: Like the most~ Thank you!
CM: “Because this is a great song~ I am so happy that I seem to like you guys even more. Everyone who listens to it will be enchanted by it, I especially like the amazing lyrics. What do you guys think? Tell me a part of the lyrics that you guys like!” I personally prefer th epart where I sing..
JJ: What is this??
CM: Ah.. it’s good.. especially the part where I sing, there was this sentence “Everytime I receive a message, I hope that it will show your name” It seems so real, like as if you have this kind of experience before. Even if you break up.. Not even breaking up.. Just liking a person, won’t you always hope that person would send you a text message? Thinking liket his, you’d always not let go of your phone.
YH: Yeah.. I also like that part of the lyrics where I sang.
CM: Which one?
YH: My part was “Because until now, I’m still screaming your name out, alone” Don’t you feel heart ache?
CM: Yes a little bit..
JJ: It is very natural, and flows well.
YH: Right..
CM: IT is indeed very natural.. JJ yah~
JJ: I think, instead of liking a certain part, I prefer the whole song..
YH: Yeah.. that atmosphere.
CM: Which part of the song do you especially like the most..
JJ: If I must choose, mine is very simple.. the last part.. “I only think of you”
YH: “I only think of you” (He starts singing)
JJ: Only that feeling is the best.
YH: A kind of memory that never changes.
JJ: Thank you for your message.
JJ: The next message.. Radio name “Sally”, “Hello everyone, I have been listening to bigeast station happily.. The new single this time “Stand by U” is very cool, the song is also filled with warmth. But it feels as if you have been defeated. The feeling is very fresh about confessing but not receiving the same kind of feeling back. I think it the long-term, if I continue listening to this song, the song will be my favourite. Not giving up during this period, always listening, let it be my theme song.. really very happy.
CM: um…..
YH: Why do you keep saying um..
CM: I am showing that I agree!
JJ: Ah.. there’s still one line “It is indeed Tohoshinki”
YH: Thank~~~~~~~~~~ You
All: Thank you so much.
JJ: We have finished introducing the song~ We have heard alot from the messages just now.
All: Thank you
JJ: I hope all of you look forward to the new single “Stand by U” releasing on the 1st of July. Now, we shall let everyone listen to this new song..
All: “Stand by U”
JJ: Now is the time for a few messages from Tohoshinki. Firstly, the new single “Stand by U” will be released on the 1st of July, I hope everybody look forwards to it. Next would be the start of the Tokyo Dome concert. Alot of things have happened during Tohoshinki’s 4th tour
CM: Indeed..
JJ: We will work hard till the end for these 2 days concert, 4th – 5th of July
YH + CM: We will!
JJ: We are also waiting for more messages from all of you! Please visit our website at toho is spelt as T-O-H-O On the website, you can view new photos from our recording as well.
- How do you say it in Korean, You know?!

JJ: Now it’s the “How do you say it in Korean, You Know?!” Section.
YH: Uknow! Uknow!
JJ: This section is named “How do you say it in Korean, You Know?!”~ And we will answer your questions regarding Korean Language. Today, as usual, we received alot of messages, thank you so much!
YH & CM: Thank you!
JJ: Okay, so we will hurry up and start~ Today, we will start from me, JJ~
CM: Ohhhhh.
JJ: Radio name “Niwahaku”. “I always feel happy when I listen to this program. I am currently dating a guy now, he is korean”
YH & CM; wow~ wow~ wow~ wow~ (T/N: LOLOL!)
YH: Congratulations!
JJ: hahaha~
CM: It looks really lonely~
JJ: “My boyfriend likes to sleep alot and I wish to use Korean to wake him up. In Korea, what do you say when you want to wake someone up?” If its me, I will just say “Wake up” in Korean normally, maybe with a slightly louder voice.
CM: Mm.. Right..
JJ: “Wake up” is “Yi Lo Na”~ Right~
CM: MmMm~ (T/N: So changmin-ish!)
JJ: Although it is “Yi Lo Na” but you must say it louder and near the ear.
CM: Let’s demonstrate.
CM: … Good.. Just say it louder.
YH: Right..
CM: Ah…
YH: Yeah~ The atmosphere now is really loud..
JJ: What?!
CM: If you really want to shout, there wouldn’t be a use for Korean already.
JJ: Then what would you say? Mr Changmin?
CM: Using the same word, but don’t have to say it so loud. Instead, use a sweet feeling.. (JJ: Try it out~) Wouldn’t this method be better?
JJ: Then please demonstrate..
CM: YILONA~ YILONA~ Use this kind of method to say..
YH: Not bad..
CM: You’d have a good mood when you wake up.
YH: With a little bit of flirtatious sound to it~ Definitely will wake up~ (T/N: I would have no resistance towards his flirtatious tone!)
CM: Mm…
JJ: Then could you please wake us up from now onwards using that tone~
All: Hahaha~
YH: It is that kind of feeling..
JJ: Haha~ Okay~ Let’s look at the next message.
YH: I shall do it~ Radio name “nachan no mama”. “Me, my 17 year old son and 9 year old daughter all like you guys”
CM&JJ: Thank you.
YH: “From last year, my daughter has been saving water and electricity just to save the environment. She even went to clean up the beach and did many other stuff. Have any of you did any of these kinda things before? Also, how do you say ‘waste’ in Korean?”
JJ: Doing things in order to save the environment..
CM: Mm..
YH: Isn’t it summer now? (CM: Yeah) Won’t all of us use air-conditioners? (CM: Oh~ Yeah~) Fans and sorts. (CM: Oh yeah~) especially electrical ones (CM: Oh yeah~) Also, we can use a fan to pass the hot summer days.
CM: Oh, so it’s like that?
YH: Yep, Everyone, for the sake of saving the environment, can try to use fans instead.
JJ: Great~ Thanks for the answer!
CM: Thank you! (JJ keeps laughing)
YH: Aside from this answer, the important one is how to say “waste” in korean.
CM: “waste” in korean. how do you say it?
YH: A ga wo~
JJ: A ga wo~
CM: A ga wo~
YH: A ga wo~ A ga da~, if we compare these two, a ga da would be more suitable.
CM: Right..
YH: A ga da~
CM: A ga da~
YH: Changmin’s face a ga da~ (CM: Mm~) Okay, its that kind of feeling~ I hope everyone would use it alot~
CM: Thank you! (JJ: Thank you!) I will work hard!
JJ: Let’s look at the next message~
CM: Okay. radio name “xiuxiu changmin”~ (JJ: xiuxiu!!), “Hello everyone, previously on this section of the program, you mentioned something about Changmin disrespecting people and bullying others recently.”
YH: Indeed.. no manners..
CM: “Changmin is a very gentle person, please tell me who to say this. Also, please tell everyone and Changmin-jun is a good person”
YH: Tell everyone, Changmin~
JJ: This is abit bad~ It’s really not like that, you liar~
YH: Exactly~
CM: about this~ “changmin is a gentle person”, in Korean it’s “changmin nong cha qi akang salangmia”~ “changmin nong chiongma qi akang salangmia~”
JJ: Great, does everyone know? It’ll be up ’till here for today.
CM: Nono, there still is~?! Isn’t there?! I must tell the listeners that Changmin-jun is a good person. But this is abit…
YH: Okay okay, I know~ I know~ you don’t have to say it already~
CM: Why must you emphasize that I’m a good person, I am not a bad person in the first place. (Sighs) Don’t emphasize that I look like a good person~
YH: But I think you really are~ hehe~
CM: What!!
JJ: Then let me say it.
CM: Great, sorry to trouble you.
JJ: Changmin is really gentle (CM: Yeah!) Okay, we’ll end it here. Today…
CM: Thats it?
JJ: “How do you say it in Korean, You know?” How was it? You must use the phrases introduced today! “Changmin is gentle”, can also be used!
YH: Yep~ It’s summer, use a fan.
JJ: What has this got do with now?! STOP!
YH: Because I use, so it matters.
JJ: If you want to know how to say something in Korean, send a message. We’ll be waiting for you. Tohoshinki Bigeast Station, let’s here the last song for the day. The coupling song for “Stand by U” that will be released on 1st of July.. Tohoshinki’s~
All: “Tea for Two”
JJ: Tohoshink’s Bigeast Station has once again reached it’s end. We are waiting for everyone’s messages. “I want to know the answer”, “How do you say it in Korean~ You know!!”, “Toho Psychology” and “Love Situation~ Loving U”. Each section is waiting for you~ The address for your messages is here~
YH: The website for the program is (repeats it), please send ur messages. Toho is spelt as T-O-H-O!
JJ: Great~
YH: Yep~
JJ: How are you feeling today?
CM: Very happy.
YH: Yep~ Only these few?
JJ: These few?
CM: Mm..
JJ: When were you the most happy?
CM: The happiest place~ It would have to be when we were discussing about the new single.
YH: Definitely.
JJ: Indeed, very happy~
CM: We hop everyone would hear the new single this time “Stand by U”.
YH: Right~ Also, we must still use the fan during summer time~ Hehehe~
CM&JJ: hahah~
JJ: Mister Yunho~ Mister Yunho~
YH: What’s the matter?
JJ: So for today~ (YH: Ahhahahaha!) we shall end here~ Ah~ It’s sad~
CM: Right~
JJ: ‘Till the next time we meet, this was brought to you by Changmin and~
CM: Jaejoong and~
YH: Yunho.
All: Bye!


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