Saturday, July 4, 2009

[News] Junsu As A Middle School Student Fanaccount

My mom’s friend… Her husband is in SME, and the friend herself knew about DBSK. When I came to Seoul a few weeks ago, she was all excited. When I told her my favorite member was Junsu, she blanked for a second.

“Hold on, Junsu? Xiah Junsu?”

And I looked at her, a little confused. “Y-yes…”

She smiled and said, “I think my daughter’s old English tutor used to teach him in middle school… Lemme give the tutor a call.”

This was me —> O_O

“Hello? Is this {name taken out}-sshi? Did you have Xiah Junsu from DBSK as your student before? Before he debuted? Oh, you did? What kind of student was he?”

Then the lady burst out laughing. I stared at her, anxious to hear what was being said. The lady thanked the tutor and hung up. Then she turned to me, grinnning, and told me, “The tutor said she never had a student like Junsu before. No matter how many times she told him something in English, it just wouldn’t go through!”

And that’s when I remembered Junsu’s debut video. He tells the judge that he can do everything well except for studying, lol.

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