Tuesday, July 7, 2009

[Video]DBSK news on Spanish National Television


Apparently it's the most-watched channel in Spain. Here's the translation:

They are called the Rising Gods of the East. Dong Bang Shin Ki, known as TVXQ, DBSK, and TOHOSHINKI in Japan. The group known with four (4) names are formed by five (5) Korean lads. No one is more than twenty-one (21) years old.

Since four (4) years ago they were known as the Backstreet Boys of Asia. They sing in Korean and Japanese, but they recently had to translate their official website to English because their popularity is already crossing borders.

They began singing a capella in a TV show in 2003 on Christmas, and they also opened for Britney Spears' concert. Even without a CD release available, their success had already given them two (2) hit songs in the top charts. Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan, surrender under their feet.

They sing, dance, make TV shows and of course they start trends. Here in Spain, people are starting to talk about them, and in places like Peru their fanclubs are growing up in numbers.

So watch out for Dong Bang Shin Ki, these almond-shaped-eyed popstars are starting to show up even at Karaoke!

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