Sunday, July 12, 2009

[TRANS] Pati-Pati August Issue: What Kind of Family Do You Want?


- How many kids do you want it the future?

I want 2 sons

- Daughter?

It’s unnecessary

- Why?

Daughter will go and get married, right? When that happens, I think I cant stand the loneliness

- You have even already imagined this thing!
When you’re experiencing hard time, daughter won’t be the best one to rely on. Son is better.

- Have you ever heard, “Daughters who gets married, potrays the father’s frame of mind”? (laughs)

I have ever heard that. When the daughter gets married, whe would make appearance that her father teaches her. As for me, I think it would best to love the wife of my son as a daughter, when he gets married.

- But when a son gets married, doesnt he will spend so much time?

It’s really not a problem.

- Then, how do you want to raise your son?
I want him to be like me (laughs).

- Oo, become an artist?

No, I never thought specifically like that. If my son wants to be an artist, I will support him. It’s really not a problem.

- If the other members are in the same age, and they’re all boys, will you think they will form TOHOSHINKI Junior?

No, stop that. To think how JUNSU’s son would be… to have the large freedom in him. My son won’t stand him. He will definitely refuse in advance (laughs)


- JEJUNG, how many children do you want in the future?

For how many, I think it depends on the health of my wife. But I want a lot of them.

- That’s like JEJUNG’s own family. Because there are many people, everyday feels so fun?

It’s really fun. The fight might be a lot as well, but since there are many members in the family, when there something happens, we can always rely to each other, we unite. It’s amazing when a family ties together like that.

- Certainly encouraging.

Yet to feed (T/N: take care) such large group of people, I need to work hard. I dont want it to become burden of my wife. If the health condition is not too good, three children only will still make a good fit.

- Mixed boys and girls?

Two girls as elders and the youngest one is a boy.

- Why?

It’s just cool to have a boy as the latest child.

- It’s so JEJUNG (eldest son, the youngest child of nine siblings)

No, no (laughs)

- But if the boy turns to be someone like you, it will be a right thing!

No no (laughs). Not to be someone like me it’s still good too. But if he looks like my wife, then it will be great.

- So your wife has to be someone who is beautiful.

The more important thing is not the look, but the beauty of her heart.

- What will you say if your kids want to be like their Dad?

If my children seriously want to sing, then I wont against them. But I won’t force them to be. My priority is I want to support them more than anything else.

source: Pati-Pati August issue
credit: xiahyu-ri@ameblo
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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