Friday, July 10, 2009

[TRANS] Jaejoong Names Aya Ueto As Partner?

Aya Ueto is starring in the second series of the Oronamin C drink 2009 TVCM, and it was decided that Tohoshinki, who successfully brought their Tokyo Dome performances to a close, will appear as guest stars in it. The details of what happened at the product press conference which took place on 7th July in Tokyo, will be released here. The new CM series, [Acapella Shinki] depicts how Aya Ueto, who acts as an OL, misses her copy (T/N: photocopy), and when she says "Acha~", she hears someone say "Why". Then the wall, upon which a poster of Tohoshinki hangs, suddenly falls down, and she sees the real Tohoshinki across, standing in an alpine meadow. They changed the arrangement and melody of their hit song (T/N: Doumini coopere) and started singing in acapella, "Why do you keep making mistakes and missing your copy~". The contents are completely comical. At the press conference, one of the members Jejung said that he wanted "a partner who is just like what the theme of the CM represents", and also commented that the Tohoshinki members drank Oronomin C 5 times daily. Furthermore, Aya Ueto said "I say~" sweetly in return (T/N: When questioned, he said Ueto was a person like the theme). In the second half, they introduced a " Daily Aacha~" corner, Changmin said "Chuck full throttle" (T/N: Don't get this), and Junsu said his was when he "freezes fans with his gags", making the reporters laugh. At the beginning, together with Aya Ueto, Tohoshinki also showed the pose and tagline "Genki Batsuratsuu~?" for the Oronamin C CM. This is the first time that they are appearing in a Japanese CM, and they seemed to be very happy to have been appointed for this CM. In addition, this CM goes on air on 11th July, please be sure to check it out!

◎東方神起『Stand by U』
2009.07.01 RELEASE
RZCD-46286/B 1,890円(tax in.)
RZCD-46287 1,050円(tax in.)

◎上戸彩『Happy Magic〜スマイルプロジェクト〜』
2009.07.15 RELEASE
[初回限定盤(DVD+PHOTO BOOK付)]
PCCA-02941 4,725円(tax in.)
[Normal Edition]
PCCA-02942 3,150円(tax in.)

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