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[Trans] Fujin Kouron Magazine

The five of us are fated together

Jaejoong: Wanting to let more people know about us

After debuting in Japan, we're entering our fourth year now. As we got used to speaking in Japanese, working gets more comfortable now. Being bullied by the comedian on the variety shows has become like nothing now. (laughs) It makes me feel that it's a chance to let people get to know us better, thus every performance / shows we attend makes me happy.

We started our arena tour in May, although during the rehearsal, Junsu got hurt and we had quite some troubles, it still makes me feel happy that the number of people who are attending our concert had increased as compared to last year. Especially on the increasing number of male fans, this makes one's heart race (and happy). THSK songs, from heart-racing dancing ones to ballads, to even a popular anime ("ONE PIECE") theme song, our range of singing genres had really grown big. And because of this, there are fans starting from babies to people in the older generation coming towards to see our performance. Compared to Korea, the age range in Japan is wider.

But to tell you the truth, even now, I don't dare to say that we're completely accepted in Japan. Every time we stand on the concert stage, I would feel so touched, making me think that "There are so many people coming to hear us sing." However, there are still lots of people who don't know about us. These thoughts make me want to do to my very best.

Changmin: Although language and culture is different

During my third year in middle school, I was scouted right at my school, giving me the chance to enter the entertainment industry. Although I haven't given much thought about the entertainment industry before, I gradually had the feeling that "If I want to become an artist, I have to work hard." kind of thoughts after passing the audition and starting with training.

When I decided to enter the industry, my parents were opposed to the idea. But after repeatedly trying to convincing them, I finally got their approval. "Okay then. Do whatever you would like to do." And until now, my family is still very supportive of me being a part of THSK, and me doing my best.

With working overseas, language is the most important part, thus I started off with watching some Japanese dramas and movies to start learning Japanese. One of the movies left a really good impression on me.

Both Japan’s and Korea's cultures and personalities are different. When debuting in Japan, not only was the style / genre of music was different as compared to Korea, I have to repeatedly remind myself that I have to take note of the different lifestyle, as well. Currently, we're always flying back and forth from Japan and Korea. Basically, there are no breaks at all. But if we were given one, I wish to go to a forest or hill where no one is and surround myself with nature and completely relax myself there.

Junsu: Wants to perform a song that would last in everyone's hearts

In Japan, we're known as THSK, in Korea, we're known as DBSK. They're the same, but at the same time, they're also different. But as time goes by while performing, it feels that these two are getting closer and closer as one.

When we had just debuted in Japan, we tried not to remember our popularity in Korea, since we were nobodies in Japan, starting from zero. To tell you the truth, it was very confusing at the beginning. Even the way the company works is different. For example, in Korea, we'll just release an album every year, but on that album itself, the promotion would last only a few months. But in Japan, we would be releasing lots of things, starting from the pre-release of a single to actually performing it. It's really a lot of work (busy). It would be the same for concerts. In Korea, normally when we're singing, the fans would be singing loudly with us as well, but in Japan, they would be there, listening to it quietly. When we first started performing, we experienced the silence and thought that they couldn't understand what we were singing and had quite a shock. However, now we understand it's a so-called cultural difference. But when everyone gets high, no matter which country it is, it's the same, so it's okay. (laughs) My dream is to sing those songs that despite how time goes by, it would always stay in one's heart. That could be called as the happiest dream that every singer would want.

Yoochun: Songs are filled with lots of secrets that make one feel its charm

Ever since I was little, I loved the sound of the piano and started learning by myself. After work, sitting behind the piano would make me feel relaxed and naturally, there would be tunes forming in my mind.
I base it on my own experiences when composing the tune and lyrics. However, because the people around me are requesting, I felt the slight pressure of "wanting to write a good song." (laughs)

While composing, I frequently put in my past experiences as the material to write. Even writing heart-breaking ballad songs is the same. Of course, I wouldn't say that the whole song consists fully of my own experience; there's also my imagination mixed in it, so it's a partially real experience, partially just imagination.

I'm always listening to instrumental music or OST soundtracks. Rather than expressing and writing down lyrics directly, I like to make the others think, "What's this composer trying to say?" This makes one filled with lots of imagination (and gets mysterious feelings from the music). I often listen to the soundtrack of [静冷と情熱のあいだ].

Yunho: Happiness is multiplied by five, while sorrows are just 1/5

My impressions on the members… Junsu has the ability to make one feel happy. Changmin, despite being the youngest, holds the key when making a decision; a very calm boy indeed.
Yoochun, although he's a romanticists, Jaejoong would be the one to filled in Yoochun's flaw as a realistic, therefore it's a rather best balance. ....actually, i just noticed this yesterday. And your question came in the right time, fitting into my answer! (laughs)

In the past, I would think, "Because I’m the leader, I have to always take care of everyone." But now, everyone has grown mature and more stabilized. There's nothing more for me to say. And recently, I'm always being reminded by Changmin, "Yunho! Do it properly!" asking me to pay attention. (laughs) It's not enforcing the idea of who's the leader or anything. Everyone’s just there to correct the mistakes the others have. That's what I think; it's called teamwork.

The five of us working together could be consider as fate. Five different people feeling as one, happiness multiplied by five, sorrow is just 1/5. This is called happiness. To me, TVXQ is just like a family, a home. No matter how far we're separated, we'll come back together one day. TVXQ is just such an important place for us.

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