Monday, July 13, 2009

[TRANS] 090711 Zoom In Special - THSK's Favourite!! Explosively delicious Korean Food

-Honest Tohoshinki, seen only on Zoom-

☆Broadcast date:12 July, 15:00〜16:00 (Kantou Local)
☆Appearances by:Tohoshinki、Hatori Shiniti, Nishio Yukari, Others

[Zoom In!! SUPER]'s spin-off programme.
2 of [Zoom In!! SUPER]'s announcers, Hatori Shiniti and Nishio Yukari, will visit a shop recommended by Tohoshinki and introduce the Top 5 Korean food.

Hatori will be amazed by the explosively delicious Korean food! Tohoshinki will also be too engrossed by the food, and forgets to talk! The programme, which has been following Tohoshinki's news since their debut, will draw out more of their charms.

Also, from Tohoshinki and [Zoom In!! SUPER]'s history, we will show nostalgic videos from their first appearance, as well as footage from their first comment until the Zoom Super Stage, which would make it their third appearance to date.

In addition, Japan's food tour! The food reporter will be introducing the recommended excellent Korean food.

Tohoshinki instructs on how to perform the following: [Reaction when it's delicious] and [Reaction when it's not very good].

After that, they are all surprised when we bring in their favourite sweets!? (T/N: Sweets = dessert/chocolates)

Other things includes the methods to study Japanese and publishing the results of a survey on their characters.

For the question [If Tohoshinki was a family?], Tohoshinki has to choose an answer from "Father", "Mother", "Brother", "Youngest child/baby" and "Pet". Who chooses which answer? Tohoshinki reveals the story behind their unique bonds and communal life!

Having performed at the Tokyo Dome last weekend, they talk about what it was like standing on the Tokyo Dome stage, which was their dream stage, as well as their next goals. Hatori and Nishio went to the Tokyo Dome performance, and together with 50,000 people, was surprised and excited during [Kiss The Baby Sky]!

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