Friday, July 10, 2009

[Photos+Trans]Tohoshinki Showcase 001-Omotesando Harajuku Quest Hall


Friday, July 2nd 10:30 a.m

“HELLO!” the members visited the site of Omotesando showcase. The showcase had been being prepared for several months before the tour and the members were actually ones who came first to the showcase.

JUNSU: “Hello” (powerful) “Please pass this way! (laughs)”

He did reception at the entrance.

Once they saw the site, the impressed members shouted “This is great!”

In fact, they’re actually involved a lot in the production, yet still them looked so excited.

First, members expressed interest in the original photo sticker machine. “Oh that’s great, Let’s Go!” they quickly tried it. “Let’s use this frame!” “Yes, let’s take another one!” The 5 really had some fun at the photo booth.

Seeing the results…

“There are two CHANGMINs ~!!!” (JUNSU)
“I want more shots! If it’s possible, I want to try all types of frames both with members and individually!”(JEJUNG)
“YUCHON, my eyes are not bigger?” (JUNSU)
“Really! Reflected prettier than actually is! (laughs)” (YUCHON)
“I look to have very large clear eyes. We look more fantastic than in real life (laughs)” (YUNHO)
“To get all pretty shoots, I think I want to try all photo booths…・” (YUCHON)
“Well, it’s been a long time since I took picture at photo booth.” (JUNSU)
“It’s been five years for me. And the last time, I took with the members. Really bring back memories. I enjoyed this so much.” (Chang Min)

It’s full of satisfaction and fun. By the way, whom do you take with you?!!
Then, ORIGINAL GATCHA (capsule toy) challenge!

From 28 single CDs, there are 10 CDs available which are chosen by lottery among the members, they’re made to be something in 1/6 of its original size and made as key holder.

“What did you get?” (All)
“Oh! I got Purple Line!” (YUNHO)
“Well… this is great, I got Keyword! I suddenly hit one with me as the main vocal, Lucky! Keyword is a really really good song.” (JEJUNG)

With the floating JEJUNG on the side,
“Oh – how I hope…” (JUNSU)
“JUNSU is not so lucky (laughs)” (Manager)
“…” (JUNSU)
“Can we do this more times?” (All)

With that, the members do further challenge.

“It’s too…. why do I also get Keyword…” (YUNHO)
“IEI! It means I’m the most popular!” (JEJUNG)
JEJUNG turned so happy and playful.
“I want to sign this keyholder!” (YUCHON)
“ORIGINAL GATCHA is fun because I won’t know what’s going to be out!” (Chang Min)

Everytime ORIGINAL GATCHA pulled out their hit song, there must be scene of members in delight.


“I want to get the figures (real life figure). I want to put it at home…” (JUNSU)
“It’s a cool key chain. I want to click it here!” (YUCHON)
“I hope I can bring back all these goods also…” (JUNSU)

While figuring the estimated value of the goods, YUCHON was stuffing his bag, wanted to carry them all,

“Not a chance ~ they’re all for sale” (JUNSU)

These two people goofed a lot.

In addition, YUCHON acted as the salesperson while JUNSU played role as buyer.

“Please give me that Soy Voice Strap.” (JUNSU)
“E~ this is 200 million yen” (YUCHON)
“Oh! That is so expensive!” (JUNSU)

They enjoyed playing innocently just like a child, had a lot of smile on their faces.

Korean-style shaved ice shop was realized by the requests from members,

“Don’t you think it’s really delicious!” (All)
“I recommend original vanilla PAPPINSU” (JUNSU)
“Korean red bean shaved ice cream with syrup and rice cake is very delicious. Ice and rice cake go together well.” (YUCHON)
“I’d like to go to Japanese PAPPINSU. I think it must be sold! In the SHOWCASE, I’d have coffee flavor, one I have not eaten in Korea. The coffee ice itself is delicious.”(JUNSU)
“Rice cake and red bean is inseparable!” (YUNHO)
“The rest of fruits as well!” (Chang Min)

Members were really enjoying each taste. After went around in tour in Harajuku Quest Hall, they moved to SHOWCASE 002 which is located at Omotesando Hills.

source: ORICON
Trans by:sharingyoochun@wordpress
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