Friday, July 10, 2009

[News] A Thai Girl Who Went to the Mirotic Concert in Bangkok Passed Away

so it's true???o.O
thanks God its not happened to me and my friends...
but this flu became hot issue after our trip to Bangkok,,and the suspects increase 50 times
mostly from Bangkok,,we only have 2 suspect first but now become 53 suspects..aigoooo
really scares me....

Thai reporters reported that among the patient of the H1N1 flu, there're some students who might have infected from concerts, such as the case of a patient who passed away on July, 7.

'Tong' is one of the girls who had joined the concert recently. She had got some febricity after went to Bangkok on June, 28 to take an entrance exam at Impact, and in the evening that day, she had attended TVXQ's MIROTIC concert. She went to the hospital on July, 3 with a high fever. Tong had a congenital disease about the skin, which makes her lungs fall into a decline. The doctor noticed later that she might be infected by the H1N1 flu. Her diagnosis result is still unconfirmed.

Source : Kaosod Newspaper
Translation Credits : LOLlIp0pz, First11824 @tvxq-thailand
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