Thursday, July 2, 2009

[Information/Fanaccount]Flu A/H1N1 After Miroticon in Bangkok

seriously this is so scary!!!i was standing in AR zone..
huaa,,after i read this my nose become so itchy,,
i've got flu yesterday bad flu w/o fever maybe because i have sinusitis ,,and i told bout this with my friens,MJ, and she's got headache immediately,,so scary!!
im so ok now,,hope no one got this in my group and other fans

Red alarm..

Mina-san, so sorry for cut in your interested conversation, but, i don't know where to put it

We've come back home from the Miroctic concert in BKK about 2 days before and nearly all of us have signs of Flu, such as: fever, cough, body aches and pains... and
Two Flu A/H1N1-positive people have been found among us.

So i think i have to inform every one just in case.
_ Let go to hospital and check whether you've catch Flu A/H1N1 or not. (Especially if you was in AR and BR zone that day)
_ Let wearing the muffler in order to not spread the virus to another one. (There was a case already).
_ Inform your friends who had attend the concert so that we won't let that epidemic disease spead out.
_ In case you has been confirm that you're totally healthy, don't be careless, try to take Vitamin C as much as possible (doctor's advices) to build up resistance to infection.

Hope that this information can reach to necesarry people on time.
Don't let our family blame the boys for our dicease.
Mina-san, take care.

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