Monday, July 13, 2009

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the night before the concert, i dreamed that i was at the concert. in my dream, i was holding my video camera in one hand and holding glowsticks in the other, all the while screaming my head off.


and the day of MAGIC! it was impossible to contain my excitement, i couldn't even EAT at lunch and people who know me knows i love to eat, but hunger was so not in touch with me yesterday.

in the car, i was so incredibly jumpy. my heart was pounding pretty hard and i kept asking "how much longer?" or "when will we arrive?" my dad thought i was crazy, i don't blame him, but he doesn't know how much i love dbsk. he told me three years ago, "you'll stop liking them in a year' and now it's 3 years later and my love for DBSK has grown A LOT.

i was supposed to meet up with some soompi people at the concert but because i was late, they went in before me. i got to the stadium at about 5:30, only a mere 2 hours before the start of the concert. i knew i was late, there was already a SEA of people, literally! guards eveywhere, people selling dbsk stuff everywhere, fans EVERYWHERE. the people who were just passerbys all looked out their windows thinking "what in the world is happening here?"

i hurried around each stand looking for jaejoong fans (the ones that makes you cool, not the ones like... us fans). it was such an impossible tasks since i was already pretty late plus china is known for having A LOT of jaejoong fans. but i was able to grab 2 jaejoong fans and another TVXQ cartoon fan, one jaejoong fan i literally grabbed out of someone's hands (i know, i'm mean T^T).

so there i was, finally ready to go inside the stadium. I had a red DBSK glowstick, a red horn thingy for my head, a yellow yunho glowstick that someone shoved into my hand, a dbsk towel, three dbsk fans, and a jaejoong green and red glowstick in the shape of a J that i ordered online.

i got nervous when it came time for security because they didn't allow cameras and i had not only a camera but a video camera too. they put my bag under those x-ray thingys (that i forgot the name of cus my brains is so dead right now....) and i thought "damn... i'm so done for." but the funny thing is. they checked my pockets, and then checked my bag twice and still let me go without saying anything about the cameras. LUCKY!

by the time i got into the stadium, most people were already seated and i had to squeeze my way through the people to get to my seat. i really like to talk and since i didn't know anyone there, i had to find someone to talk to so i immediately started to chat away with the people around me. the girl on my left was a yunho fan, the girl on my right and infront were yoochun fans, the girl behind was a junsu fan and i myself am of course, a jaejoong fan. but there sure were a lot of jaejoong fans, a lot of green to be seen.

anyways, on the big screens there were UFO msgs left by fans and whenever msgs like these came on::

"yunjae have a bed scene on stage!"
"soulmate i have your bath made!"

everyone started to SCREAMMMM!!!!!! the guards were cracking up so bad. they were probably thinking "these crazy girls!" but they wouldn't understand. (even though i myself am a 2J fan xP)

the entire B group soon started to shift our chairs forward and the police came and pushed us back, we pulled forward again and the pushed us back again and this same routine continued until the concert started.

i won't describe every single song but let's just say, IT WAS 2.30 HOURS OF MAGIC!!!!!!! even though it was hard for me to see, it was still so amazing! when HEY started, everyone infield climbed onto our chairs and started to scream and wave our glowsticks. we constantly had to get on our chair and then get off, literally getting on for the beginning of each song only to get off at the end and to get on again. it was a lot of climbing up and down.

their singing was so perfect, i live in a musical family so i have perfect pitch and let me tell you, they rarely went off key, very very rarely and they rarely, very rarely cracked. it was really an amazing live performance. and to think it was 2.30 hours!!! PLUS DANCING!!!

Jae's key movement in the concert was probably brushing his hair back, IT WAS SO SEXY!!!!!!! everytime he did it, everyone cheered and screamed. my eyes literally never left jae, i was glued to him even though his body seemed tiny to me. his solo was absolutely STUNNING, how can a person's voice be so amazing? he hit all the high notes perfectly, the entire performance was perfect. the notes, the emotions... breathtaking.

yoochun's solo really showed off his piano skills, and i'm glad you sang a self composed song, which he always does but it's still amazing how good he is at composing.

changmin's solo really showed off his vocals, his head voice at the end blew me away, MAN can the boy sing high! minnie really knows how to switch from head to chest and vice versa.

when it came time for yunhoVSjunsu's dance battle, checkmateVSxiahtic, everyone went CRAZY! talk about MAJOR SMEX!!!!!!

junsu didn't have key as a guest, actually there was no guest at all during the concert, yoochun rapped in key's place which please many fans =D

yunho didn't have a guest either (which everyone knows) but he sure was intimate with the female dancer, 2 times close to kissing and many many times of almost butt slap and many many times of sliding hand up her leg. sexy yes, but the funny thing is, everyone ended up screaming jaejoong's name in support of YUNJAE. LMAO. i hope yunho didn't think that we were cheering for jae.... O.o that would be bad.

anyways, junsu too, whenever he came close to female dancer, everyone went crazy.

i don't even need to say anymore, the concert was amazing.... SO amazing SO SO SO SO AMAZING!!!! definitely the highlight of my vacation in china as was the concert last year. i hope i'll see DBSK again!!!!! and hopefully next time, better seats =D


today, i'm actually quite depressed because the concert is indeed over, but i have good memories ^^ my arms hurt from recording videos all night long and waving the glowsticks. my legs hurt from climbing up and down for 2.30 hours. my neck hurts from straining to see the stage (they should have built it taller... and had the a come out stage... they have it in shanghai, nanjing, soeul... so why not beijing???!!!!! that pissed me off a lot.) my voice of course, is completely dead. LOL but still, everything's worth it!!!!!!!!!!!


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