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[FAN ACCOUNT] 090702 Omotesando Showcase Fanaccount

I envy the girl so much!!
I swear Bigeast fans are the luckier than any fans in the world.
In other words they are the luckiest!!

090702 Omotesando Showcase Fanaccount

—-Before Entering the Actual Showcase—-

I went to Harajuku to see the showcase, knowing that DBSK wouldn’t be coming. But still, premium fangoods were going to be sold and costumes would be available to see up close. Meeting up with two Shinkians, we went when the showcase supposedly opened – at noon.

And holy cow, we should have come an hour or more earlier. By 12:30PM, the tickets were gone. While you actually pay 500 yen at the DOOR, you have to get an entry ticket with a time. The first time started at 12:00, then the next one at 12:30, and then the next one at 13:00 – all the way to 17:00.

We came at 12:15PM, and we ended up with 17:00… For each half-hour group, there were 330 tickets. Today, when we went in the morning, over three thousand fans were gathered in front of the Harajuku Quest Hall. Most of them were older Japanese women, and I was really amazed at the sheer number of people. On the other hand, I was also really happy that DBSK had so many fans in Japan. It’s different seeing it in real life… Like, more powerful?

The three of us decided to wait until 17:00 for our turn. We tried to kill time at a cafe, walked around Harajuku, etc. When we came back at 16:00 to catch our time frame, we discovered that the showcase was nearly two hours behind. We couldn’t believe it. The showcase ended at 20:00, and there was a second part in Omotesando Hills that ended at 21:00.

We decided to wait it out. While we were standing around, I caught the eye of a lady who was staring at me. She was with two other women. I smiled and I asked, “Tohoshinki?”

I can’t speak a lot of Japanese – barely any, in fact. However, there are just some universal things that you can do to communicate, haha. The lady grinned at me and nodded.

I told her, “Tohoshinki ga suki desu / I like DBSK.” She grinned even bigger. Then I said, “Junsu,” pointed to myself, and made a heart, trying to tell her my favorite member was Su.

She SHOUTED and laughed out loud, pointing to herself and saying, “Junsu ga suki desu! Junsu ga daisuke desu!/ I like Junsu! I like Junsu a lot!”

Her two companions turned to us and started noticing us. The Junsu fan said some stuff in rapid-fire Japanese. My two friends were Jaejoong fans, and immediately pointed to themselves and said, “Jaejoong!”

One of the women laughed and excitedly clapped. She also said, “Jaejoong!” and pointed to herself.

I looked at the third women and smiled, trying to ask (with just facial expression, XD) which member she liked. She said, “Aiiiii, Yoochun!”

Her two friends laughed with her as the Chun fan hid her face behind a fan. It looked like they were making fun of her in a friendly way, as if they did it a lot? We all laughed, and then we showed each other our time tickets. When the Su fan saw how late ours was, she asked something.


I was like, Huh? Then the Jaejoong fan pulled out her camera and started showing us pictures of DBSK’s pictures plastered on pillars! In a subway! The three of us got all excited and the ladies pointed down the street. One of my friends knew more Japanese than I did, and understood the directions somewhat. We thanked the ladies and walked down the street forever, looking for Omotesando station.

At the station, the Su fan had told us to just tell the station staff, “Tohoshinki”, and they would point us in the right way. The first officer we encountered, we asked, “Tohoshinki?” His expression didn’t change as he flourished his hand down a long hall way.

We hurried down the hallway after we thanked the officer. And holy cow. When we got to the pillars… There were at least fifty other people there, cameras and cell phones out. Everyone was taking pictures of the pillars! It was really cool, and we could really feel the DongBang love.

—-The ShowCase—-

We went back to the Harajuku Quest Hall and nearly died. It was 18:00, and they were on the time group 15:00. We went to a cafe to kill time, went back around 19:00. It closed in an hour, and we were really worried that all the waiting would be for nothing. But then, the THSK staff directing the groups began to send in large groups. We quickly jumped in the flow and were directed up an elaborate stairway. Then we were ushered into a small, dark stadium with lots of lights and such installed in the ceiling. When we paid our 500 yen, we were given a pamphlet with a stamp on the back (the stamp was proof we paid at the Harajuku Quest Hall, so that we could get in for free for the second showcase at Omotesando Hills). In the front wall, there was a large white overhead sheet where DBSK music videos were being played (Purple Line, Doush!te, Survivor, Share the World…).

Immediately, we were ushered into a line for premium fangoods – and by the time we got there, the Soy Sauce keychain was long-since sold out. The mini-CD collection and premium seal stamp were gone, too. There were hankerchiefs, figures, crackers, and keychain circle stuffs left.

There were photobooths were you could take a picture, and it would look like you were in a picture with DBSK (it was their T album cover, and their Secret Code cover).

Then we rushed over to Omotesando Hills, afraid we would run out of time. We had an hour before the second showcase closed (it closed at 21:00). We got a second stamp on the pamphlet when we got in, and there were costumes set up around the perimeter of the place. It started with the HMS Concert costumes, then the FITB ones, then the T ones, then the Mirotic Con ones, I think? (Not sure about the last one – it’s the one with the red gloves). The last one (gloves) were real-life-size mannequins of DBSK in costumes.

After these costumes, there was a folded wall kind of thing where you could write messages to DBSK on little square stickers. I lost my pamphlet there ^^;;

Then there was a small video screen where it was showing a message from DBSK to the fans at the showcase. I couldn’t understand it, lol. A little ways from that was a big white square that had their signatures. And omg, Junsu’s had a funny smiley face on it, XD

Then there was a final, large stamp and that was it. It was an interesting, and VERY long day, XD

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