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[Fan Account] 090618 The Secret Code- Nagoya Fan Account Part 3

In case you missed Part 1 and Part 2.
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Part 3

Kelly here. I had an awesomely long, detailed account but lj ate it. Damn you, lj. Here it is again, less spazzy but still kinda long, lol. Lucky you? biggrin.gif

The guys started rehearsals around 2pm, we waited to buy goods for almost an hour, and waited to take our places for 2+ hours. YAY. But first of all, I will never make fun (I hope) again of synchronised light stick waving. WHen everyone moved theirs in sync to the beat of Secret Game, in the dark, it was like a giant red heart beating out a tattoo. Fantastic. And Jae’s hair was awesomely floppy. I love it.

01 Secret Game 02 Share The World 03 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
SG got things off to a good start but it would have been even more awesome if Yoochun’s and Jae’s mics actually worked D: We totally missed Jae’s rocker scream, dammit. There were these 5 freestanding screens on stage and before Yunho’s turn, I can see him from my angle dancing behind his screen biggrin.gif STW…I’m a little ambiguous about this song. Doumini coopere was done almost pitch perfect except their mics’ volumes were wonky again and Jae’s ”もうどうして。。。” was almost spoiled because of it D:

04 Take Your Hands 05 Stand Up!06 Beautiful You
TYH is perfect for a live show, and Min’s slow-tempo bridge calmed you down before pumping it back up again. SU’s chorus is done like so: at “kanjite communication…” wave your light stick from side to side. At “tanoshin na sensation…” wave it around in a circle. At “na na na na na feel so right…” pump it up and down! For BY, Su’s reworked solo was as perfect as his Liti’s in a completely different vibe; the boy can do R&B for me, if he works at it ♥

07 9095 08 My Destiny 09 FORCE
As Jae-biased as I am, I admit that Chun does the pole-dance the best. Dancing with their mirror images gave the whole thing a rather dark, narcissistic vibe. Someone, write a fic about this please, kthx. MD, a classic. There was a ment before Force, which shows the guys appearing in a desert one by one and each had a ‘power/force’. Su brought his hands together in a triangle, and got purple fire. Chun went kamehameha and got an orange fireball. Jae’s hand was wreathed in green flames, Min in a silvery pinkish/red aura and Yunho, an electrical blue sword. Release your powers into the dark, roiling sky boys and that’s the intro for Force!

10 Purple Line 11 呪文-MIROTIC 12 Heart,Mind and Soul
PL is so much effing love done with a live band. And the extended dance break? I find it freaking awesome they didn’t just focus on the two best dancers (HoSu) and instead also gave everyone a chance to shine. For Mirotic’s dance break, they again danced with their doppelgangers and I could see a dancer behind Yunho’s screen handing him the white hat for him to dance with biggrin.gif And when they disappeared behind the screen to change into the white outfits before Min’s scream, I could see Yunho dropping below the stage to change while their doppelgangers fooled us, lol. HMS, oh, HMS…Yunho’s voice, in this concert, deserves a kudos.

13 忘れないで 14 Begin 15 Nobody Knows
忘 れないで …JJ’s ending ”ここにいるよ。。。忘れないで~” broke my heart. Begin is my ultimate THSK song and instead of Jae ending the song by himself, Su joined him and they make such beautiful music together ;__; NK; golden mic stands and golden canes biggrin.gif

16 TAXI 17 Forever Love 18 Box in the ship
Powerful, moving ballads and then you get the lols that is BitS biggrin.gif DD For the loltastic cheering, read Steph’s account.

19 “O”-正・反・合 20 Choosey lover
O, the molesting dance XD ’nuff said. It had a rockier arrangement which is awesome. CL is when they changed to the JE-inspired outfits and okay, Su’s “Choose me baby uh~” so did not work with that purple…rainbow-puked outfit he had on D: Pink suspenders? PINK suspenders?! Jae’s was salvaged because he was smart enough to get decent colors – black and white with splashes of yellow or pink I think and his “sexy lady uh~” was changed. Instead of touching himself, he turned his back to the audience, slid his coat down his shoulders, and smirked. Tease.

21 Sky 22 Somebody To Love 23 Summer Dream
Sky/STL; awesome crowd-hyping songs biggrin.gif I was thinking that Jae was a bit too hyper since the beginning of the concert, and he did end up paying for it when he sort of folded over when they went into the instrumental break for SD, lol. During the free-for-all that Yunho led, he didn’t join, just knelt on stage, did his ad-libs and made apologetic motions at Yunho when leader caught him biggrin.gif

Can I just add here that YunJae used every chance they got to high-five each other? XD

24 Survivor 25 The Way U Are 26 Break up the Shell
Great dance songs that got a bit spoiled by those ridiculous JE outfits. Just…no.

27 Stand By U 28 Kiss The Baby Sky 29 Bolero
They changed to white TSC tees, jeans and checkered shirts tied around their waists (Jae’s influence? biggrin.gif ). SBU is so wonderful, live, and I love the PV. Simple and beautiful. Nothing fancy but a little different than their standard Japanese ballad PVs. KTBS really is a great sing-along song and can I just say here that Yoochun totally did not overdo it with his gravelly voice throughout the whole concert like he did in T? His voice was wonderfully low and smooth and he only roughened it up at some parts biggrin.gif I swear, I think the guy had cut down on his smoking because it was only around this point that he started to look a little dead, lol.

And Bolero…everyone’s mics were way louder than the music but they were almost pitch-perfect, and Jae’s ending…he actually did it twice. Once with the music and to end it, the screens went dark except his, the music soft, and his voice…if he broke my heart earlier with 忘れないで, he tore it to shreds this time. He almost cried, tears smeared underneath his eyes and Junsu almost cried too, breath hitching a little. Just…. ♥

And to think, I get to do this again XDDD

PS: Never underestimate the strength of a Japanese obaasan/ahjumma. THEY CAN MOW YOU DOWN.
PPS: For the ments, read Steph’s because her Japanese is better than mine XD All I can say is, now I really want to eat hitsumabushi, lol.

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