Friday, June 19, 2009

[Fan Account] 090618 The Secret Code- Nagoya Fan Account Part 1

Part 1

Because I’m exhausted, in pain and so hungry, I can eat a Vick D:

-Jaejoong’s hair floppiness can be enjoyed even from the topmost floor of Nagoya Gaishi Hall. I bow to the hair.
-Jaejoong was too energetic for the first 3/4 of the concert and ended up begging off of the free-for-all Summer Dream dance. Tsk.
-I am still unable to watch anyone other than Jaejoong, live. Dammit.
-Jaejoong teared up after his awesome, awesome solo ending for Bolero and Junsu nearly cried too. Babies. ILU. I don’t need to mention that emoboy was emoing too right? biggrin.gif
I shall post it in 3 parts, since this was cut in 3 parts.
Saner, more detailed fanreport when I have been rescucitated.

PS: this is Kelly, in case you didn’t realise from the extreme Jae-bias biggrin.gif DDD
PPS: I ended up buying the damn gaufrettes too. Why am I such a sucker?

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