Friday, June 19, 2009

[Fan Account] 090618 The Secret Code- Nagoya Fan Account Part 2

This is the part 2.
In case you missed Part 1 here it is.


Part 2

Today’s seats were:

1st Floor
D3 Block

→ First and foremost, Yunho sounds so much friggin better live. He isn’t as nasally as he is in the TSC CD and he sounded really good in most songs.

→ I have a fat yunho bias. but i’ll make this as unbiased as possible. biggrin.gif

→ Yoochun’s and Jaejoong’s mics went dead in the middle of Secret Game right when Jaejoong was supposed to do his rocker scream :| It came back up afterwards, but guuhh.

→ lmao. I think it was during Beautiful You/Stand Up that the camera men focused on everyone’s ass. LOL. Yunho sounded great here ;___;

→ During Take Your Hands, the camera men focused on the guy’s crotches a lot. especially yunho’s. XD

→ During the first talk segment, they made Junsu say Kiss the Baby Skkkkyyyyyyyy with a rasp. LOL. then he got all flustered and was like, “…lol that sounded dirty :| “

→ They did the otsukare-yama gag. Changmin said it all cute and everyone aww’d at him :3 Then Yoochun told junsu to say it in a sexy version and then Junsu stared at the camera for the longest time before going, “Otsukare-yama. /licks lips.” Cue all the japanese housewives dying all over the place.

→ LOL. During 9095, whenever anyone did a hip thrust, the audience just screamed.

→ While wearing the white vest/white pants combo, Jaejoong got really really sweaty. Yoochun said, “You looked like you just took a shower smile.gif ” then Jaejoong got all flustered while Yoochun continued with a, “Sexyyyyy :9″

- The version of “O” Sei. Han. Go. that they did was really good. Nice little rock edge.

→ Box in the ship’s little.. cheering break was cute. The group started out with Oh-e-oh-e-oh TOHOSHINKI♫. Then the audience replied with Oh-e-oh-e-oh TOHOSHINKI♫.

After that, Yunho did Oh-e-oh-e-oh TEBASAKI♫. Then cue audience.

Changmin did Oh-e-oh-e-oh NAGOYA♫. cue audience.

Jaejoong did Oh-e-oh-e-oh DOU IU KOTO?♫ cue audience. id

Yoochun messed up during his part LOL. He was like, Oh-e-oh-e-oh … mou ikkai mou ikkai XD then did his usual Oh-e-oh-e-oh MINNA OKAY?♫ afterwards.

I didn’t catch the first part of Junsu’s, but then he changed his part to Oh-e-oh-e-oh DOUmini cooperEKIMIWOSUKININATTESHIMATTANDAROU♫. lmao. cue audience failing to follow smile.gif

→ There was a talk segment towards the end that they were all talking about Nagoya and the foods it’s famous for, which ended up being a talk about how much junsu loved hitsumabushi. which then degenerated to a talk about how eating eel is good for a man. you know. in the sexual way. LOL.

→ i noticed that yunho and jaejoong tended to hang around each other more during this concert. Idk? Changmin and Yunho tended to be in each other’s places and Yunho would be making blowfish faces while Jaejoong was talking, etc. lol.

→ STAND BY U. okay. that song is a song that needs to be heard live, i think, for someone’s mind to get changed. I’ve heard the previews/song for a few weeks now and I never really got into it until tonight. Hearing it live was definitely a good thing.

→ Bolero was loud. Like someone forgot to turn down the music system. But despite that, everyone performed really solidly, i thought. Jaejoong teared up toward the end/near his last note. You could see his eyes water and just his expression. mmmmmm.

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