Wednesday, June 17, 2009



CM: This week's mu-mo Tunes will be our songs that that we use during Lives to rouse up the crowd.
CM & YC: A lot of people came, thank you so much~~
CM: That's right~, songs that rouse up the crowd during Lives...
YC: Well~, as expected, isn't it that?
CM: We thought a lot about it~
YC: Somebody To Love~♪
CM: This is the best, right?
YC: It's great~, no~, it would be incomplete without it.
CM: Yeah, a good song from 4 or 5 years ago, an old song.
YC: Somebody To Love was our second single that we released.
CM: Yes yes yes yes, wah~, it really makes you nostalgic, but we always sing this during one of our Tours.
YC: That's right.
CM: Really, it's a great song to rouse up the crowd~, I think so~. During the Tour this time, while we were performing Somebody To Love, I was twirling the towel..
YC: It's fun~. But after that, you feel like you might die (T/N: from tiredness, lol.)
CM: Although you really feel like dying afterwards, but it really rouses the crowd. It's interesting and you have to consider how to balance your strength out.
YC: Only at that time...
CM: When it becomes really hot, the audience disappears
YC: Ah, (looks at his watch), we're running out of time, shall we do this quickly?
CM: Hehehehe, that's right~, everyone wants to check this out right.
CM: Please listen to this song!!
CM & YC: Please! (T/N: It's a JP expression, kinda like, please go ahead/help yourself)

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