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[INFO+TRANS] TVXQ's Fall Mini-Concert- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

TVXQ Fall Mini Concert Broadcast Information

TVXQ's "Giving Young Adults Hopes and Dreams- Fall Mini Concert," which took place on September 21st, will be broadcasted on October 10th at 12:30 PM (Seoul time) on SBS' Kim Jong Eun's Chocolate TVXQ Special. (I think that's the show name).

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TVXQ Fall Mini Concert Press Conference Q + A

Q: On the whole, what kind of album would you say the fourth album is?

Yunho: This time, our album title song and theme is "Mirotic." It was Jaejoong's idea. The word comes from "Miro," which carries the meaning of being unable to pull yourself out of somtehing, and "Tic." The idea is to make you feel as if you cannot pull yourself away/out from the fourth album. It includes a lot of ideas and opinions from the members. Junsu and Changmin participated in the lyric-writing. Coming back to Korea after 1 year and 7 months, we've carried the memories and feelings with us and have worked hard. Even now, we want to show a better TVXQ through different music styles, and the past years have been like an extension of a blank period. Or you could say that we wanted to use that time to test our own ideas and thoughts. We've been constantly trying to put many unique qualities of TVXQ together to show everyone, and we're ready to take any criticisms that result from our change.

Q: What kind of song is "Mirotic?"

Changmin: It's a reverse beat style song, and the lyrics are very straightforward as well. Lyrics such as, "You are my slave," bring the feeling of a desire to attract a girl you've fallen in love with at first sight. I think this is a song that can show a different sort of charisma from "SMP" songs. During the production of the album, we started actually recording the song in June. We constantly revised as we recorded, and kept working hard to prepare the album. We hope everyone can support us.

Q: What's the difference between "Mirotic" and the usual SMP songs?

Yunho: The biggest difference is probably the lyrics. SMP songs have lyrics that bring a message about society, and you need to have deep thoughts to understand them. "Mirotic" is a song anyone can understand, especially guys. It doesn't have as strong of a beat as SMP songs, but it has an addictive beat. It's very different from our past SMP songs, but it still showcases our unique qualities.

Q: This is an album produced by an overseas team. Is this laying the foundation for future plans in America?

Changmin: The album was produced by the team working with BoA for her America debut. The choreography was also written by a renowned American choreographer. Being able to work with people from all over the world was a good chance. Instead of thinking about debuting in America, we just want to focus mainly on our fourth album activities now.

Q: What kind of choreography is in store for "Mirotic?"

Yunho: Because this is our comeback after 1 year and 7 months, we've done a lot of hard work in this period of time. A lot of people have given us their help. The choreography was a collaboration between Korean and American choreographers, and there are many interesting parts. Fromt he beginning of the song to the middle of the song, there are parts where we all have to do different things, which is something very special. Also, through the dance, we were able to show the meaning of the lyrics very well.

Changmin: Talking about TVXQ's choreography, I think of a very firm image. "Mirotic" has more of a free image.

Q: What kind of plot does "Mirotic" have?

Junsu: The main idea is that after we've been captivated by this girl, we break free from her curse. But in reality, we are the ones with an even more potent curse than the girl. It's a reverse plot. It feels like the plot of a drama is beautifully combined with the choreography.

Q: How do you feel about the groups who have been doing well in Korea?

Junsu: Although we have a blank period of time in Korea, we've been in Japan during that time. Groups who have done well, such as Big Bang and SHINee, make us feel that they have brought more life to the music world, and we're happy about that. Through each singer's growth, the music world expects even better things to come. Under this situation, TVXQ brings our fourth album comeback with anticipation and happiness.

Q: What do you have to say to fans who began lining up on the 20th in front of Seoul City Hall?

Jaejoong: After hearing about fans who started lining up yesterday night, I saw pictures too. Because it was raining, I was worried about everyone, and slept late. The weather is really nice today, and it fits our concert's theme. We will work hard to perform our best today, for an audience different from just young adults, and for our fans.

Q: What is the reason behind planning on staying in Korea for a while, and choosing Seoul City Plaza for the showcase?

Yunho: Because we will be back for awhile, we want to show everyone TVXQ's best side. Holding the showcase in front of Seoul City Plaza was a choice made because we wanted a stage where we could become one with everyone. It's a dream stage. Although were really worried, we're happy to have everyone's help.

Q: What song would you recommend in the fourth album?

Junsu: Because the songs are all very different, it's hard to choose. I would recommend "Flower Lady." If you hear this song in a club, it would give you a really great feeling. After listening to it once, you want to keep listening to it.

Yoochun: I want to recommend "Crazy Love." The process of producing this song was very interesting. Hearing it makes people really happy. It's a very good song, inspired by the movie "You Are My Fate" (I dunno if that's the right movie title :X), and it's very good, just like the happy ending at the end of the movie. Also, "노을..바라보다" was written by Junsu, and the lyrics are very good. The song shines because of the lyrics.

Jaejoong: I want to recommend "Love in the Ice." Although it's originally a Japanese song, the song feels different because of the Korean lyrics. It feels like until now, if you've been a TVXQ fan, every time you hear this song, it's like you are able to find a star as important as Polaris. It's not a song that showcases our individual voices, but TVXQ's voices as a whole. Everyone's voices is easy to differentiate as well. I also want to recommend "잊혀진계절." This song was popular in the 80s, and those who have lived through that time may be interested in these songs.

Changmin: I want to recommend "Rainbow" (I'm not 100% sure it's this song, because I didn't find any song name close to those on the track list from the Chinese translation of the song he named) because it's an R&B style song, with some traditional European instrumentals playing in the background, which brings a beautiful feeling. It's also a song written by a sunbae.

Yunho: I recommend the song "Wrong Number." The members convey the feelings from the song very well. It's also the first time we've tried a rap song, and it was better than we expected. But, since we've tried so many different types of songs, we hope everyone will listen to this song from the beginning to end.

Q: What are your future plans for Korea?

Yunho: We've decided to broadcast first on SBS's Inkigayo. We feel a lot of pressure! Because 1 year and 7 months is really a long time, so we've looked into a lot of things to figure out what kind of images will meet everyone's expectations and not disappoint. Today is our starting point, and we will show everyone our hard work to become closer with everyone.

TVXQ will release their fourth album on the 24th. "Mirotic," which was released online on the 19th, has already received huge responses from netizens, and is a signal marking TVXQ's official start of their fourth album promotions.

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