Friday, September 26, 2008

[Informations+Translations]DBSK Will Perform at SBS Inkigayo & TVXQ, “We’re watching over BoA’s Entry …”-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki?BoA

they will performing 3 songs!!
that's soooo good^^
hoohoho more performing again..
im soooo happy XDD

and hope BoA will success in United States...

DBSK Will Perform at SBS Inkigayo

Accodring to SBS Inkigayo site, DBSK would be performing 3 songs which include: 주문 - MIROTIC, Love in the Ice, Hey.

more info:SBS Inkigayo
credits:SBS site+Senorita@soompi

TVXQ, “We’re watching over BoA’s Entry …”

Group TVXQ revealed they they will be rooting together for BoA’s advancement into the American market in an interview held on the 24th at Seoul Apgujong.

“What will the result be,” pondered the five members, but they were all in agreement that she “will come out of it successful” conveying what they thought of their fellow colleague.

“We are cheering for her,” said Xiah Junsu. And regarding her future he added, “I hope that it sends her status soaring.” Young Woong Jae Joong also stating, “I hope to find my way onto the same road that Sunbae (Senior) is taking.”

U-Know Yunho pointed out that, “BoA is a very hardworking singer, didn’t she overcome her difficulties and win over Japan,” and that it will be a good influence for BoA when she enters America.

Choi Kang Chang Min, “We may not know the American Music Market that well but with BoA’s hard work she can do it.”

Although, the group had reservations themselves when asked, “Doesn’t Dong Bang Shin Gi also wish to advance to America?” With a flat out denial, Xiah Junsu said, “We’re not thinking of something like that right now,” as well as U-Know Yunho, “I’ve missed Korea very much and because of that wish to stay active here.”

Source: My Daily