Monday, September 22, 2008

[Photos] DBSK in 4th Album Showcase Press Conference Part 3- DBSK/TVXQ/TOhoshinki

Sorry for not updating yesterday since i was really busy.
and i just got home a while ago.
and i have class in 25 mins. but i'll not be attending my first class since i'm still in our house. and i haven't got any sleep. gah!.

The showcase was yesterday!! yey for them.

is it only me that finds it unnecessary for jae to be topless all the time??/
I mean i watched some mirotic fancams from the shwocase yesterday and i find it a little bit...i don't know.
it just makes...gah.

and minnie's hair is a bit weird for me.haha. its a little bit short on the front.haha
and what's up with chun's earring??. its kinds big you know.haha

as for yunnie and junsu, they look great!!

credits: as tagged+ baidu tvxq

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Anonymous said...

I agree with U ... Jea shouldn't be topless all the time ..I don't know how to explain it .. but it is better to be for a short time only ... like what U-know did in the concert ^^