Saturday, September 20, 2008

[Translations+ Information] CYworld Update and "Mirotic" Receives High Ratings-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

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This is just awesome!!
The song is only released yet it the internet, what if the WHOLE album gets released already?!?!

"Mirotic" Receives High Ratings

TVXQ's fourth album title track, released on the 19th, has received unanimous high reviews on various music sites.

TVXQ is coming back to Korea after a year and seven months, and released their title track "Mirotic" in full online on the 19th.

"Mirotic," released through MNet, Melon, and various other music sites, has received a 4.58 out of 5 rating on Mnet.

"Mirotic" uses an intricate beat, showing a more mature, improved side of TVXQ and their vocals, giving listeners something new.

Fans who have awaited TVXQ's comeback for a long time have given compliments such, "It's still TVXQ," "I'm very satisfied and can't wait to see them onstage," "Stylish, but also good in quality, this is something only a TVXQ song can achieve," and "I can see the good results from their hard work and willingness to take on a new challenge."

There's also the few who say, "Although the music is not enough for 2%, the feeling it gives off onstage should be good," and "Expectations were too high."

TVXQ will hold their "TVXQ Fall Mini Concert" on the 21st in front of Seoul City Hall, officially starting their fourth album promotion activities.

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Source: TVXQ Baidu + Mr. TVXQ