Wednesday, September 24, 2008

[Video+News+Translation+Rumors]Jaejoong Has been Casted For a New Drama-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

even he hasn't signed the contract
this news was blow up..
ahahah no doubt coz its involved our jaejoongie!!
hope it's true,,coz i want too see him again in drama ora movie^^

Here the video about drama casting (no subs)


Jaejoong Has been Casted For a New Drama "Heaven's PostCard Service"

7 japanese famous screenwriters for movies/dramas have come up with a drama the screen writer's name is Kitazawa Erico.,,?? she wrote famous japanese story lines featuring many japanese actors/actresses,, like Kimura takuya.. ? the storyline with korean PDs directors filming it.. the producer for the famous drama " im sorry but i love you" which was both a hit in south korea after air as well as japan through dvd releases

the drama set is called "Heaven's PostCard Service." part of different storyline sets..

this is going to be released in theatres as part of different storylines done by the screenwriters. and then will be released in television in south korea n japan.
Jaejoong has been doing some acting for DBSK dramas and movies like "Vacation" but hasnt really entered the brown screen (meaning dramas) or like featured for movies officially as a actor..
he has been chosen for a main character role as well. he HASNT signed the contract agreement yet.. but its still under talks.