Saturday, September 20, 2008

[FUN Facts+UFO Replies] Yoochun's UFO Reply and Fun FACTS- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

2008-09-20 A Fan's Midnight UFO Chat With Yoochun

2008-09-10 Korea Time 4 AM

(4:08 AM) Fan: I fell asleep while studying, but surprisingly I dreamed of Oppas! Oppas were right next to me, and I was so nervous I couldn't speak right! T___T

(4:12 AM) Yoochun: Fell asleep while studying? How did you fall asleep so easily? ^^ I'll leave you this message now. Study hard!

(4:14 AM) Fan: Yes, just for a while. ;;; I fell asleep while studying history (it's like..society study, so I'm guessing it's history?).

(4:16 AM) Yoochun: Hahaha ^^. Okay, I believe you! ^^

(4:18 AM) Fan: Because of oppas whenever I wake up I'm always crying! Cassiopeias all feel like this after they receive oppas replies! I like oppa the best!

(4:20 AM) Yoochun: Like me best?

(4:22 AM) Fan: When I was still in elementary school, I especially liked oppa, and eventually I became a Cassiopeia. Ah~ I'm so nervous right now!

(4:24 AM) Yoochun: ^^ Don't be nervous~

(4:27 AM) Fan: Is this...really oppa? My tears won't stop..This is my first time receiving a reply. And I received a reply from the person I wanted the most! Ahh...

(4:37 AM) Fan: How come you aren't replying...It's a shame, but no matter what, I will wait for the day you guys come back! I will support you guys as best as I can! <3>

(4:39 AM) Yoochun: Okay okay! Goodnight! ^^

(4:42 AM) Fan: Thank you so much for today! T___T I don't know when I'll send you a UFO message again...If oppa is tired, you should sleep too!

(4:45 AM) Yoochun: Why are you thanking me? I should be thanking you! ^^

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Source: Mr. TVXQ + OhMicky

and just for fun:

*Fun Facts* (added by lotusintheshadows@xanga)

1. Yoochun is the lazy one in the group.
2. Junsu wakes everybody up in the morning with his video games.
3. Changmin is a crybaby.
4. Junsu is an uncle.
5. Yoochun is from the U.S. but was born in Korea.
6. Jaejoong is the "mom"; he cooks.
7. Yunho is the leader.
8. The house in "Ocean's 12" is the house in Miduyo.
9. Yoochun's family currently lives in Virginia.
10. Yoochun has had a lot of girlfriends.
11. They watch Korean dramas when they can/have time.
12. Junsu, Yunho, and Yoochun are all ambidextrous.
13. Jaejoong and Yoochun both dropped out of high school.
14. They both used to smoke.
15. Jaejoong wants to marry a fan- he believes that he`ll end up marrying a fan anyway.
16. Junsu wants a bright girl with a positive outlook of the world. Yoochun thinks it`s because Junsu is a negative person.
17. Yoochun doesn`t want to get married. (Junsu disagrees...he thinks that he MUST get married...)
18. Jaejoong wants 2 daughters and 1 son while Junsu wants 2 sons and 1 daughter. Yunho wants 5 sons and 20 daughters - Junsu says "Think of your wife!" and Jaejoong says "Are you trying to kill somebody?"
19. Yunho wants a girl who is assertive and has senses - someone who can guide him.
20. Changmin wants to marry someone who is girly and who will attach herself easily because he is shy and quiet.
21. Yunho`s message to his future son is "I love you".
22. Junsu thinks that dating and marriage are the same thing because he sees the girl he`s dating as his future wife. He has to like the girl that much (enough to see her as a hopefully Mrs. Kim Junsu) in order for him to date her - he doesn`t want to date just anyone. He`ll date her to a point where he wants to marry her. (Changmin agrees with him.)
23. Junsu likes to use his hand as a pillow.
24. Jaejoong made Changmin show off his body in their Hiyaya single.
25. Yunho sleeps diagonally on his bed.
26. Jaejoong was laughed at because of his puberty stage--his voice would crack and his friends would laugh at him each time he sang.
27. Yunho got rejected by a friend that he came to like. He asked her out and lit 100 candles. She told him she only wanted to be friends.
28. Junsu was suppose to debut earlier, but due to puberty...he lost his voice. He would always go and scream hoping his voice would come back.
29 Before debut, Max would make up excuses as to why he missed class. Each time it was always a relative's funeral and when he couldn't make that up he'd say something else. No one was curious because Max has a wide range of relatives. : )
30. Micky likes to sleep listening to music on his walkman. He tends to drop it, so at nighttime Junsu might get hit with a walkman or book or something. (That was when they had bunkbeds...)