Monday, September 29, 2008

[Videos] Fancams of their performances on SBS KJM's Chocolate- DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

[fancam]080927 TVXQ Hug-Kim Jeong Eun's Chocolate

Junsu focused^^.
There were some YooSu action here and fans were screaming on what su did.hehe
The song that paved way to dbsk.^^
we shall never ever forget this song^^

080927 DBSK singing "Miduhyo" @ SBS Chocolate

acoustic version!!
it was so nice. the guitar stings perfectly cohered with their voice!
and it was so nice to hear them sing this song once again^^
very very lovely^^

080927 Changmin singing "Ducks Fly" @ SBS Chocolate

changmin sang this song in the SM Town Concert^^
this version for me is better^^
i can hear his voice clearly and his vocals has a wide range!
nice voice min! i'm sure hanako is soo proud of you!

DBSK ~270908 Singing 'You Raise Me Up'~

Ye Eun was playing the piano while everybody was singing Josh Groban's You raise me Up.
it was really really nice.
their singing really improved and Ye Eun was just purely amazing^^
and look at how Jae and Yunho takes care of her.
YUNJAE moment^^

080927 Yunho acting like a dad ^^ @ SBS Chocolate

OMO! this is so sweet!!
if i ever i get reincarnated or something, I WANT TO BE JUNG YUNHO'S SON OR DAUGHTER.
the way he cared for Ye Eun was purely amazing!
and i hope she is always healthy^^.
if she looks familiar to you, well because he sang a duet with heechul in star king and that made heechul cry T_T

dbsk - " Mirotic Live " fancam (SBS chocolate 27.09.08)

this fancam is great and awesome!!
their live singing really improved a lot!
you can't really tell sometimes if they are singing live or not, which is actually good!
hard work really paid off^^

hero jaejoong - solo live [ sbs chocolate 27.09.08 ]

i haven't watched this fancam. well because i haven't heard the song yet.
i haven't got my album yet so i don't want to spoil myself yet.
so you tell me what's going on with this fancam okie??