Monday, September 22, 2008

[Video+Music]Mirotic MV Full & Mirotic Japanese Version-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

my gawd!!!very2008x HOT!!!i really love this MV...
i want to be that girl!!!
trapping the boys kekekek
jaejoong looks handsome,,and his muscles getting biger and biger..hohoo
junsu looks adorable when he sing alone hehehe *cute!!XD*
yoochun so awesome here,,he sing n moves so cool
yunho looks so manly,,cool,,hot,,oh you name it!
and changmin fall into the water beautifully..gosh this kid more handsome now!! *can't stop talking bout minnie heheh*
love the dance at 2:36..sakes your hip boys!!
*wipes my tears*

here's the video:


and here Mirotic Japanese Version..
still LQ

you can download here:

TVXQ-Mirotic(Japanese Version).mp3

credit: shinki forum + TI+sweetfig@blogspot for re-uploded

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jj.madness said...

haha u like 2:36? me i am addicted to the dance at 4:48, the way the hit themself to the beat was soo good...and for some reason, my eye always drift to Joongie when that part comes on, and ofcourse he looks stunny as usual and hsi bad habit never change lol

our gods are finally back. hope their comeback woudl be legendary as always! hope to see more jaeho this yr since they will be on alot fo that they cancel xman n loveletter..maybe YSMM wouldnt be too bad